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  1. Thanks for the olive branch Claw Hammer and I don't think guns at Trump rallies would be appropriate anyway to send the right message in the way we need to open dialogue. These protests should be done outside of the rally venue and then we drop our signs and show our support for him after. Maybe we can display our tactful signage with Trump signs at the same time as not to send a mixed signal. Fox will at least give us air time if it's news worthy...possibly
  2. During this election year we need to have our voices heard and express what you have so eloquently stated. We need to start now and be better protesters than the snowflakes and encourage President Trump and the Republican Party to make this a vital part of their platform. We can pay our respects to Virginia again or all other states at the same time. We need a catchy title for the demonstration and have all patriots attend to show our unity in the matter and make that a spring board for national concerns also with the media attention from the likes of Fox News. This is probably one of the biggest issues we face as free people and we need to make the next gathering even a bigger success. Militia members need to lead efforts to get this momentum going ASAP. Maybe even grouping together at Trump rallies to gain media exposure to supplement our support for Trump and expressing our concerns to him. I think he will approve if we create dialogue with him in a positive manner
  3. I would just like to add that there is no rational explanation in gun registration for law abiding citizens exercising their right to bear arms or paying some yearly processing fee to own one. If I break the law and have my rights removed then come and get them. The only thing they need to know is if I own guns and not what manufacturer or type they are. That is meaningless information for something legal to own!
  4. Even though I advocate peace until true provocation is enacted, I'm going to restate something that may have been lost in the shuffle. I still believe that it can be dealt with peacefully and start having hearings for treason. All government officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution as an oath of office. We already have experienced an attempted non violent coup in the despicable process for democratic Congressional impeachment articles. Relating to 2A, we all know that infringement has already been accepted as common practice by anti gunners for a long time. But what about the ability to defend against a tyrannical government? For a long time, it appears that there has been a lot of debate over "the right to bear arms" part and how arms technology was different in the days of Our Fore Fathers so it doesn't apply anymore. We all have a good idea about the arms technology our government and military have and how we are not allowed to have certain arms through infringements for the safety of our citizens. Anti gunners think that a single shot is enough to satisfy "the right to bear arms" with their perverted logic. What about the "defend against a tyrannical government"? The people will be at a huge disadvantage with semi auto's and standard capacity magazines and most democrats want to take them as well. It would be fairly easy to argue that we could not defend ourselves against squat without them. So what is taking these law people so long with this argument to start cleaning house of these traitors for violating their oath of office for even proposing these measures for gun control? We can start with that scumbag governor and his minions from Virginia who in really need a good tar and feathering!
  5. I don't want to be mean and say something that may not be true
  6. You know something, debating these issues was kind of like the response you get from radical liberals who drink the Kool aid and stonewall. Divide and conquer maybe?
  7. Yeah, the middle east is a shit hole and a powder keg. It has been for a long long time and it most likely always will be. So we can help them by fighting endless wars with them. To be honest, every sick bastard we shoot there is money well spent but it may never end and American blood is sadly spilled. Trump does not want to be there. We don't need the oil anymore but they do want to kill us because we are infidels. They also hate Israel,our allies, and the IDF has hot women soldiers to save! lol I don't completely know what happened behind closed doors with Mattis and Trump but I don't think being garbage was the problem. Debit is a big issue with me and Congress is filled with big spending democrats and others too. I believe in small fiscally conservative government and changing that will take more time than Trump's 3+ years in office.
  8. Thank you for acknowledging my values. Voting works because it gave us Trump! Trump is not only changing minds with independents, he is changing the Republican Party. They were not all on board with him when he first came to office because they didn't trust him yet as an outsider. They are finally rallying around him because they know he is the real deal and has most of America's support. If we get the majority again in Congress, you will see a different outcome. Oh yeah, screw Romney! Mattis is a good man but has to remember who the Commander And Chief is. To be honest, I like Trumps foreign policy. You can't justify indiscriminate bombing as being justified. Yeah, it happened because of something but the reaction and resolution for it came from a sick mind and a terrorist.
  9. Last time I checked, Trump was still building the wall, even with resistance. We The People voted for him on what he promised and he is doing what he said. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is the way it's done in America...we vote for people on their platform...and they do what they say or they don't get elected again. Talk to the Founding Fathers if the process is flawed or they don't measure up to your exact specifications like a minion of yours. Regular people swarm to his rallies and he speaks to them directly about what he is doing and what he wants to do.... they smile and cheer because he has proven that he means what he says. Maybe the government you are speaking about is the democrat party and the deep state....and I agree! So we have a guy who is fighting back peacefully and has not given up because there is still hope. Trump loves to win for his people and for himself, because he's Trump and he does not know the words "can't do". Trump is different because he not only cares about himself, he has proven to care about us and America also. We call that a Patriot where I come from. Someone has to take the first shot and the group that agrees with it is guilty by association. You can shoot back because that is self defense. Anything other that that is murder. Did you cheer when the twin towers fell? Did you cheer when Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal building? You are no better than a terrorist if you did!
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the SHTF then conservation of ammo will a primary concern so make them count. What you carry is what you have and when that runs out in the field then your possibly toast. Also, you will need a dump bag because only an idiot would drop their empty mags unless your life depended on a quicker change. I know about cover fire but how long could you sustain that for until your at a disadvantage from running low?
  11. Hmmm. some big assumptions there about me spewing all over the keyboard from your noodle. Let's see how to respond to this, high road...low road? It appears that infringements on 2A were happening long before I was born and I was just curious about what took you so long to grow rebel balls? Waiting for others to jump ahead of you? Fortunately, I am not a blind follower and can think on my own 2 feet rationally. My line does not shift, as you have so much ignorantly assumed & I'll be nice and spare you my fire that I supposedly don't have also. I have to get back to work now and maybe something you might try sometime...feels good being an adult with responsibilities helping people. Scrape out
  12. No clapping going on here but like I stated earlier, "choose your battles wisely my friend" The real world does involve 4d chess unfortunately for us higher thinkers and I do that to remain the law abiding citizen that have managed to take pride in all of these years. I'm still polishing the mating surfaces of my trigger groups though and if that makes me a felon than so be it!. You have no idea about the rebel side of me and just waiting for the final crossing of the line in the sand. Freedom is a relative state of mind in an organized society of non chaotic living. I am not an anarchist but I rely heavily in my quest to please my God with my actions and thoughts.
  13. Point taken for my optimism. I think Trump was just caught up in the moment and wishes he didn't say it. That was our people that were shot up. Probably hopes it will blow over, as he has come to his senses about it being unconstitutional. Kind of a joke really, as I would be upset that some of my babies were taken unjustly but would be like Houdini and another one would magically appear. Still stewing over the bump stock comment I see. Hey, I understand that a lot of people were upset about it, as I was, but only out of principle in the matter I'm sorry but I just couldn't take bump stock seriously. I'm showing my age here but they kind of remind me of my childhood when kids put baseball cards on their bikes with cloths pins to make them sound like they had a motor when they rubbed against the spokes. lol
  14. Sounds like a plan brother and we can assess the property with topography and resources in mind to bring ideas together. I mentioned the clean fill also because it would most likely be totally free in hopes of a project near by that has to remove spoils from the site

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