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  1. Hello, traveling to the sunshine state in the next couple of weeks.
  2. The real problem is peoples attitudes. When the NFAC came to town the first time, the people I was working with had more problems from jealous so called Patriots, than anybody else. A call to arms was made, just to show that this state is not one to be messed with and they got backstabbed by so many groups and calling a stand down on their behalf. That is not how this is supposed to work. A militia is for the community, not some parts but the whole community. If people got scared and what not, fine, just back away quietly and let those that do stand do their thing. Since then I have had mo
  3. I have seen some bad things out there and honestly the reason of the way things are now. I am open to working with groups but after all the things I have seen, had done to me, I am going to be selective.
  4. Are there any real groups in Kentucky? I seem to be running into groups that don't want to do anything or just let anyone in even though they have people on there that are no good, traitors to the cause.
  5. It can happen, a small group came to Louisville when the nfac came there the first time. Thay was on 2 weeks notice and alot of backstabbing to only end up with 60. I was there that day and I know the reaction of people changed when they sw that the group was there for one purpose only. Nobody got messed with, nobody had issues, only issue came from the keyboard warriors that plague us.
  6. Says your email is not an active email.

  7. I look at it this way, most "patriots" lack the fortitude to get away from that computer chair and the ones that actually get out of the house are just trying to mess with people that have the same goal. I don't toot my own horn because I know what I have done and will continue to do. Some say let's wait and see but honestly that is the biggest fault we have. We are law abiding citizens, responsible citizens, but at the end of the day, all that it is getting us is situations like the one we are in now. If some of us would actually go out and make a presence (not to backstab or sabotage) the
  8. After seeing all the division, I am going lone wolf, I know I have my back. Now more than ever we need to unite but instead just keep backstabbing. 3%er no more here,just a guy from here on out.
  9. How do we contact you? I have a few that are looking for an active group. We have stood in Louisville several times and looking to for an alliance with a real group.
  10. That moral high ground is what has us where we are right now. They don't play by the rules and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.
  11. I know of 2. One is a piece of crap the other was in good standing but I dont know them that well.....
  12. What happened in Mochigan with the arrest made of patriots??
  13. So I was informed today that there is a national 3% organization and if you do not belong to said organization, you are breaking federal laws and subject to arrest. Now I'm not new to this movement by any means but when I heard that, I just laughed. That you cannot be a patriot and 3%or unless you are part of their organization is about as ludicrous as Biden not being a pedo....that being said, no one group is going to tell me that unless I belong to them, I cannot stand for my state. That right there is what is wrong with patriots and until that gets fixed we will never get anywhere...

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