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  1. I will teach what I know, Grand Island, NE. I am handicap in a wheelchair and 100% Service Connected Disabled, due to Agent Orange in Nam Asst S-3 (Operations Officer of a Construction Engineering Battalion
  2. Grand Island, NE, former Asst S-3 (Civil Engr) of the 36th Engr Bn (Const)
  3. Asst S-3 (Asst Operations Office) Construction Engineering Battalion (Commissioned Office in USAR CE) 40+ Years Professional Engineer in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kansas and Colorado Water Reserves, Ag, Civil Design Engineer Worked Greensburg, KS, tornado as Kiowa County KS landfill engineer Worked 1973 Mississippi River flood for the State of Illinios Expert Witness in 4 court cases In Grand Island, Nebraska
  4. Was Company Commander of the Saline County, KS Defense Fprce Would help set up other Defense Forces Mustang 6
  5. I am planning to move to Alaska for the same reasons as JAdams It is getting hard to know who to trust and believe I am a Tea Party Conservative and do not like the Commie Liberal Rats and RINO,s and the Deep State !!! Mustang 6
  6. Mustang 6, Grand Island, 100% Service Connected Disabled ( Agent Orange - Vietnam) and Handicap Was Asst S-3 (Civil Engr) for Const Bn in Vietnam 40+ years Professional Engineer in IL, PA, IN, KS, CO Have CB and Short Wave Have an assortment of firearms and ammo
  7. I am in 308 now, but plan to move to 907, Wassila area, by the end of the year.

    Would it help to have a ammo, rifle sight, food preservation, water purification dealer in the Wassila area? I could reestablish my wholesale connection

    Mustang 6

  8. I am planning to move t Wassila, AK this year from grand Island, NE Mustang ^
  9. Also, a modified Polish Molotov Cocktail: place gasoline wine bottle about 2/3 full. Fill the remainder with battery acid. Place balloon over mouth of bottle. Put equal amounts of sugar and potassium chlorate in a cup. Place wine bottle upside down in cup. When acid eats thru balloon, the acid and sugar mix will ignite the gasoline. Place black powder around the cup and bottle for a delayed explosion. Put behind gas meter. Black powder slow burning good cratering. Anhydrous ammonia slow burning good cratering.
  10. Look at attached Index for FM 5-34 FM534.pdf
  11. I was an engineer and would offer my service if needed in the Militia. I was trained as a Combat Engineer, but served as a Construction Engineer. I have the Combat Engineers Handbook
  12. I am a member of the Tea Party, a founding member of 'Oath Keepers' a founding member of 'Oath Keepers - Liberty Tree' a member of the Templar Knights of North America former Asst S-3 (Civil Engr) of the 36th Engr Bn (Const), Vietnam, 1971 40+ years PE - IL, PA, IN, KS, CO
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