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  1. Aight someone pointed out that I could be more constructive with my criticism, so let me make two main points, I'll keep them simple. Viability and Meritocracy. Viability: The issue with many of these boundaries is that they are unrealistic. I can't cross Atlanta to meet up with someone and mobilize if I had to. I'm already almost 2 hours outside Atlanta. That isn't viable. So my suggestion is to look at the map and consider which you're closer to. Let's use my area of North GA as an example. I'm way closer to people in the western edge of either Carolina, than I am to basically the rest of Georgia. I should look at those units. Unless there's a ton of people on the GA side. Don't look at population centers of general populace, but rather of militia members. Go to your nearest area. Once you've found a local populace to identify with, reach out to everyone, form a plan to meet up. Pick a safe public spot, maybe all go to a restaurant together where you can get a quiet booth. See who's interested in what, who has the most experience, who has something to offer. After that, pick a private place like someone's garage where you can meet up. Get a white board and list out everyone's experience. Vote on who will be leading. If it's a large enough group, divide the responsibility into command, supply, communication, medical, transportation, information, etc. Figure out schedules, pick a day to always set aside as a meeting day. Clear your schedule for that. I've found Thursdays work well. Then at least once a month go do an outing, some sort of training, spend time getting dirty together and building camaraderie. Have family BBQs, camping trips etc so that your wives are involved. Help each other make home repairs, old guys teach young guys how to fix their cars, young guys help old guys move heavy stuff in the garage. Become a community unto yourselves. Through this you will organically grow a solid functioning unit. Also, take classes together. Taking turns teaching a class keeps your skills sharp, but you need outside instructors to progress. Meritocracy: This one is pretty simple, but I'll say it anyway. Your leaders need to have real world experience. Some of you won't like this but here it is. The following probably works for irl leadership experience. -GWOT veteran, E-6 or above, in an actual combat MOS -years as management at a federal emergency agency or humanitarian agency -believe it or not airsoft group coordinator, like not just field leader but event organizer, made sure the camp site was booked and vendors and food and stuff Things that don't count as militia leadership experience. -being a cop or EMT -any other soft of veteran. No one cares if you were a squad leader in Vietnam, that doesn't apply here. You can be more useful as a teacher than a leader. No one cares if you were a Colonel as a commo officer, you aren't a battlefield leader. -being older, being around the longest, replying to an email first. I'm gonna quote a book called Forging The Hero. If you want to build a community, this book is priceless, plus the guy teaches all sorts of tactical classes. "Those who do more are worth more". Promote the person you actually see leading, demonstrating experience and wisdom. Follow someone because you feel safe following them, not because you think you ought to. I don't personally have any desire to lead the 706/762 unit, but I'd be more than happy to help someone else organize and lead it. So if you're in North GA, hit me up. If you're in those western edges of the Carolinas and getting organized, let me know. Might be closer for me.
  2. I'm sorry but I strongly disagree with how this is being managed. For starters, many of these regions are poorly planned. Look at Northern GA, for instance. Someone on the Alabama border, west of Atlanta, is in the same unit as someone on the Tennessee, N Carolina, or S Carolina borders, hours away? Meanwhile ATL is its own region. Because of phone numbers? These boundaries need to be re-visited, preferably by locals who actually know their area. Or maybe it can be rearranged via some sort of population density map, cross-referenced against zip codes rather than area codes? I moved from Seattle to Georgia. Even in Seattle, I had a 509 number but lived in 425 and 206 territory. Now I still have a 509 number and live in 706/762. This whole map is a soup sandwich. My second issue is "giving command" to whomever replies first. That's ridiculous. If y'all want to follow someone based upon their ability to reply to an email, you go right on ahead. Me? I'll follow based on experience and merit. This entire project needs to be put on hold and re-evaluated. You need local participants to make local decisions. Currently I haven't even seen a single functioning unit in my entire state. You need to work on establishing connections before you go trying to establish units. Have there been any meet ups? Any events? Maybe make a task list for local events that helps people build units organically, and THEN ask who they chose as their leader. Until then you won't catch me anywhere near one of these units.
  3. That's about 50 miles for me. So close enough to drive, but not in an emergency.
  4. Hey. I'm not from your area, but my fiance wants to move there within a few years. Is the MSM still pretty active out there?

  5. Hey you're not far from me at all

  6. @ Troy Kellett what part? I'm in White Co
  7. Moved to Cleveland, GA back in August of 2019, been working and spending time with the fiance, so haven't made but one friend the whole time. Looking to change that. I was heavily involved with the Washington State groups, where I'm natively from, for several years. Spent six years army as 11b and 25b. Had all sorts of jobs, certs, classes. I'm sort of a jack of all trades, perpetual student. I was injured while in service, hurt my knees and back pretty badly. But when I turned 30, nearly 300 lbs, I decided it was time for a change, so I started keto, lost 70 lbs in about two or three months, and am itching to get back to training again. Just to be clear, I'm not a fan of any government, but I also don't have delusions of an Anarchist Utopia in my lifetime. So if you're super rah rah patriotic, we can probably still be friends. I'd help the natl guard or state troopers during an emergency, I'd help fend off foreign invasion. I have no problem working with those I disagree with. I just don't hold any cloth or paper in reverence as anything other than beautiful, historic symbols. I'm a natural rifleman, decent radio operator, good with supplies and supply management, had lots of CPR and CLS classes. I'm a certified welder, pretty good with languages, very good at reading people (my old boss used to have me train new employees because I could get them to reveal their true nature quickly. One guy was spilling his dreams of a white ethnostate within five minutes). And, not to brag, but I'm fairly well-read as far as political philosophies, histories, etc. Many friends and employers have told me that I'm an excellent right hand man to bounce ideas off of. So, if you're in the White/Habersham Co area, hit me up.
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