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  1. Men, who are currently active in any capacity in southern Missouri? Looking to expand my network.
  2. Looking to start a secure, closed communication channel via Telegram or WhatsApp to talk specifics and general operations info. The goal is to have a way to voice information without the ability for just anybody and their brother to click on the website and openly listen in.
  3. I'm trying to figure out where everyone is located and what, if any, group you are associated with. I am in Shannon County.
  4. Wanted to let everyone know that our HQ for Jefferson Group is now set in Shannon County, just outside Winona, right next to the Mark Twain National Forest. This idea of forming an active training militia is starting to take shape. Right now, we are working on the HQ building and finalizing some of the different phases for build up. There is still alot to do in order to be functional, but we are on the right path. Message us for details or if you are considering on joining. Come help out and get this thing rolling!
  5. Currently looking at recruiting members in SE Missouri. In the process of setting up HQ in Wayne County, possibly Piedmont area. Almost 100 acres of private training grounds to be set up. Operational in +/- 45 days. FB account @JeffersonGroupMO The mission of Jefferson Group is pull in local rural combat veterans and law enforcement members to strengthen the fight for the 2nd Amendment. Law enforcement members must be an active member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (https://cspoa.org) Members claiming to be veterans will be vetted. All members will

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