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  1. No. HHV has a newish attachment to their helmets thats level 3 hard armor. Behind it sits a IIIA helmet. A hit to the hard plate will not cause death via blunt force trauma against whatever the plate is rated to. Can it happen on soft armor? Yes, but that wasnt the question.
  2. No, blunt force trauma wont kill you. Hard armor doesnt transfer energy that way. Just about all the IIIA armor rounds ive seen (videos, not in person) stopped were usually AK rounds. The 7.62 is a big slow bullet on a good day. The further away you get, the slower it goes and the easier it is to defeat. Same applies to all rounds. Speed beats armor most of the time.
  3. Id add some medical and a hydration carrier. Also, a good flashlight. Even if you have lights on your weapons, you might not want to be pointing them at people, so youll need a flashlight. I absolutely would not leave anything in a vehicle i wouldnt mind seeing stolen or burned up. Rioters like to burn and loot vehicles, please dont arm them too.
  4. Carlisle Light Infantry (hereafter CLI) is a small but steadily growing historic unit based primarily in the Carlisle area of Pennsylvania, dating back to the late 1700’s. We draw individuals from throughout the state and train monthly, maintaining centuries old traditions. Many CLI members have military experience, giving CLI a great insight into making sure things are done right. Information can be found at https://carlislelightinfantry.com/ CLI is currently looking for individuals, interested in learning skills to aid themselves, their communities and the unit, to join our organization. If you're interested, visit: https://carlislelightinfantry.com/declaration-of-interest-form-cli-form-100/ and feel free to contact us via message or just leave a reply and we'll get back ASAP. After an in person meet with one of our recruiters, some paper work begins and the recruitment process starts rolling. If you decide you like what you see and are motivated to grow a solid organization, we look forward to having you join us. There is a small annual membership fee, currently $35. Full details can be found on the website https://carlislelightinfantry.com/unit-bylaws/ We look forward to training with you soon. Tim CLI Web Team
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