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  1. You need to register or check to see if you are still register, update your address or affiliation. If you don't vote we will loose more of our rights. https://gunfreezone.net/dear-floridians-dont-be-virginians-and-register-to-vote/
  2. Assault Weapons ban purposed bills. Make the calls or loose your 2A rights https://gunfreezone.net/florida-three-new-gun-control-bills-we-are-up-to-29-now/
  3. Here's another one where they are restricting open carry. You have to be more then 1500 ft. From real property, schools and guarded beaches. So now if your going out the inlet fishing in your boat you can not open carry, They want to stop ppl fishing around Mar Largo and Juno fishing pier here in Palm Beach county. I agree with no open carry around Mar Largo but we do not need this law. Just b/c some ppl don't feel safe with other open carry we have this new purposed bill. We do not make bills b/c of someones feelings! Make the call ppl or your going to hav
  4. I do not agree with this bill! Why do we need a bill like this? Why cant you enforce the current laws? You can not threaten anyone??? SO if its strong arm robbery where your threatening the teller, cashier etc but don't shoot them do you get this as a second charge? Why not enforce the current laws! And make the penalty stronger. What about your being mugged. You, the law abiding citizen pull your fire arm. The mugger runs away. Your safe so you don't shoot him in the back. Can you now be charged with making a threat? This is a useless bill that will be used to take law abiding citiz
  5. Yes there are 39 new crappy anti gun bills going thru committee right now. Some are from the house and others from the senate. Sponsored by both parties. 3 bills(HB117, HB809 & SB 1566) to change CCW everything from mental health doctor sigh off, going from 7 yrs to 5 yrs, proof of safety or arms training, fingerprints on file forever. There are (SB428, HB273, HB631) others that control where you can CCW. One of these is the elected officials can CCW but you can not! Other prohibited places HB183, SB1524 Repealing CCW SB134 Expanded Red Fl
  6. The Senate bill makes it illegal to use deadly force and the House bill repeals Stand your ground. So we loose. SB 1846 An act relating to the use of deadly force in defense 3 of a person; repealing s. 776.013, F.S., relating to 4 home protection and the use or threatened use of 5 deadly force, which creates a presumption of fear of 6 death or great bodily harm in certain circumstances 7 and provides that a person has no duty to retreat and 8 has the right to stand his or her ground and meet 9 force with force
  7. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2020/656/Analyses/2020s00656.cj.PDF Summary: SB 656 amends s. 901.15, F.S., to provide that if a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that a person has committed a criminal act in violation of s. 790.22, F.S., the officer may make the arrest without a warrant. Violations of s. 790.22, F.S., focus on juvenile offenders who are in possession of firearms and the adult who is responsible for the juvenile. Section 901.15, F.S., currently contains a list of criminal offenses that a person may be arrested for committing without a warrant.
  8. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2020/652/?Tab=VoteHistory Hers a Urban Core Gun Violence Task Force; Creating the Urban Core Gun Violence Task Force; specifying duties and powers of the task force; authorizing the task force to seek assistance from state agencies; providing for access to certain information, etc. Not sure if this is good or bad. I see a lot of good but also a big chance for it to be abused against 2A supporters.
  9. Here's one of the bills that passed committee in Florida and going to a full vote! This needs to be stopped. Our you a Threat if you feel threatened , take out your fire arm and the threatening person moves away so you no longer feel you have to use your fire arms are you subject to this purposed new anti-gun law??? Remember they are trying to remove Stand your ground! Make the calls before this becomes law! It passed committee 5/0 TAB BILL NO. and INTRODUCER BILL DESCRIPTION and SENATE COMMITTEE ACTIONS COMMITTEE ACTION 2 CS/SB 728 Infrastructure and Security / Stargel (Comp
  10. Lets get Florida involved! We need to fight for our 2A rights. Currently there are 39 new anti-gun bills going thru committee to become Unlawful law. https://gunfreezone.net/list-of-florida-gun-bills-for-the-2020-legislative-season/ The assault weapons ban, Universal background checks for every transfer even to purchasing ammo, Trying to repeal Stand your ground, Mag ban, storage requirements for weapons, mental health checks for CCW, plus decrease the time from 7 yrs to 5 yrs, And keeping all your info and fingerprints on file. Registration, Stronger Red Flag laws etc Make the calls to F
  11. Sent through the post: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/14565-florida-official-roll-call-lounge/?do=findComment&comment=93071


    Hi, I need your help getting the word out the Florida in under attack from the anti-gun left.  Well its not only the left, the republicans are also supporting these anti gun bills making there way thru committees. Anyone who can attend these committee meetings and stand up  for the 2A. Please be respectful and calm while addressing the committees. Ask how these laws are going to protect the public? How/what are there plans to going after the illegal gun owners, i.e. gags, mobs, thugs, etc.? What are t hey going to do to repeal the Un-Constitutional Red Flag Laws? Why not pass Constitutional Carry? Give them the FBI status. https://gunsmagazine.com/discover/violent-crime-gun-homicides-decline-says-fbi-crime-report/

    The Bloomberg stats are inflated as per the NY Times. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/feb/17/bloomberg-backed-gun-control-group-slammed-inflati/

    We need ppl who can bring the statistic to the floor to protect all our rights before they become law.  It takes to long and loads on money to repeal a law. We need to head them off at the pass. We also need ppl to write and call daily. On the right side of this site are the email addresses along with the purposed bills.  Some have already been passed by committee.  https://gunfreezone.net/list-of-florida-gun-bills-for-the-2020-legislative-season/  I do not agree with gun free zones assessment on the neutral or good bills.  I agree we need the bill to carry in churches. BUT if the landlord says no you can not carry. I see this going tin to all rental property! 

    Remind them of Kennesaw Georgia. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/06/us/kennesaw-georgia-gun-ownership/index.html

    I'm sure you can add more stats that will forward the fact that the Bill of Rights give us the right to keep and bare arms!




  12. We need people with in the Tallahassee area to site thru the new anti-gun law committees. Possible speak out for the rest of us who can not be their in person. All these new proposed laws do noting to take weapons from the gangs, mobs, thugs,or lawless owners. Its make legal law abiding owners in to felons. These laws would not have stopped any of the past shootings either.
  13. They had been collecting signatures and came up short for the 2020 November ballet. BUT They are still collecting signatures for the 2022 November ballet. The wording is such most uninformed ppl will sign. These democrats will never give up.

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