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  1. Whenever you're ready to get moving or at least ready to be introduced to each other I am here standing by.

  2. Bradford. I go into claremont quite a few times a month.


  3. I am fresh on here and I noticed an old messege that you are looking to train. If you've never saw a minute of combat, I can serve a purpose. If you are a veteran warrior, we can both serve a dual purpose. Your call now. Doesn't appear too many folks have the drive to move forward on here. i have messeged enough people here to determine that it seems plausible that it is "good enough" to feign half-hearted interest and support. Profile pics don't win battles.

    1. SandNinja


      Dude sorry about the last sentence. It wasn't a dig towards you. I sent that on my little archaic flip phone. I didn't see your profile picture. My bad man. Sorry.

  4. I am local to everyone. All I need is a location and time. I am centrally located 30min out from concord. Everywhere in 603 is local to me.
  5. Anyone in the 603, that is motivated to go the extra mile and are disciplined to 'get after it', let's go. Looking for highspeed refresher/sustainment training. The grittier the better. Distance- no factor, my truck runs on motivation.

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