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  1. I live in Warzone Memphis. Contact me

  2. Hello everyone. I am Bo Perrin. I am an instructor in the Russian Martial Arts (Systema, Russian Combat Arts). I am presenting seminars to introduce the basics of the Russian Knife work. Here's the info.

    Knife Training flyer1 (Red Logo).pdf

  3. TOW2B_MWD


  4. On this day the West Tennessee Volunteer Militia was formed.
  5. I would like to start a militia reading list. I believe its always good to be well informed. As this thread continues, I invite you to add books, videos, and any other resources that you feel might be of value in expanding the knowledge of this group. My recommendations: -The Official US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook-Infantry Platoon and Squad -US Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook -US Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare -Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment -The Constitution -Bushcraft/primitive survival manuals -Green Eyes Black Rifles -Stay in the Fight!! This is just a quick list and is my no means all inclusive. Again I encourage input from members of the group.
  6. I'm in Arlington and wouldn't mind finding some like minded individuals to get a milia group together as well. I've got 20 years of active duty army experience. That experience includes heavy weapons/anti-armor infantry experience, military police experience, and military working dog experience.
  7. I'm in West, TN. My search for Militia groups in my area has proven futile. I'm looking start a militia from the ground up. Any advice is welcome. A little about myself, I'm a 20 year active duty Army retiree. I served as a heavy weapons anti-armor infantryman (11H), military policeman (31B), and Military Working Dog Handler (31B/Z6/Z7). I did a two year stint as a Drill Sergeant as well. I do not consider myself an extremist nor to I want to organize with extremists. I'd like to form a militia for purposes of protecting the community and upholding my oath to defend the constitution.

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