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  1. Yes Yes major page is the regimental commander we don't have a company in Los Angeles given that Los Angeles has absolutely no areas for people to train in so are Los Angeles squad comes up to Our San Bernardino training area but we do have 6 or 7 guys that are actually in Los Angeles make contact with major page again I'm sure he be more than happy to hook you up would fall in alpha company which is the company that I'm in command of I do have several coming from San Diego and Orange County to train with us as well
  2. www.californiastatemilitia.org. 2nd infantry regiment California state militia. We have 7 companies across all of California
  3. Whoa. Ease up turbo. Im not trying to change anything. I wad merely stating that defacto authority may give wrong image. As defacto authority networking site... that I fully understand and support. My units are not tin foil hiding in holes cuckoos. www.californiastatemilitia.org. we are legit. We don't advocate crazy, but you know it's out there. Much respect.
  4. I I understand the intent however I'm reading the words if you can't phrase it in a way where the words aren't misunderstood you should definitely rephrase the statement alphabet boys are watching constantly so you need to make sure that you're not presenting the attempt to gather all militias under one umbrella that in itself is dangerous
  5. These These are more of standards as opposed to bylaws it's a good attempt however you may To rebrand. Stop the representations of being the defacto authority. Present more of an assistance network.
  6. My My militia regimental page as well as 7 other company pages have no problems on Facebook we've been in existence for over 5 years there is always a reason. Don't immediately jump to conspiracy
  7. Anyone thinks Anyone think this is just in until gathering site start to look that way to me
  8. One does not One does not become a defacto authority anything by stating such if you were the defacto authority you'll be running my regiment which you are not

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