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  1. I may know a guy close to you let me see if he is still active he should be contacting you
  2. Sometimes it takes a fire to get people to move.
  3. Cool like I said it works for some. more progress in a hour than in past several months
  4. The bottom link is supposed to be a group chat for SC
  5. Let me know if it works like I said no a tech person
  6. I am by no means tech savvy the discord app works well for many and it’s fairly intuitive. I am totally open for suggestions.
  7. If we start a private message board for SC and keep it civil it will grow. I have know several people that after seeing some posts logged out and never came back.
  8. Having people at least saying “good morning” is a lot and it sets a tone of how they feel about each other
  9. I believe that they communicate effectively and practice what they preach. I never see them openly arguing and berating each other. Bottom line is respect
  10. Hell I’ll start I’m in the upstate Greenville area. I’m available a decent amount of time and will respond on discord if PM usually ASAP. I’m willing to help out and don’t have to be a HMFIC. I don’t want to be a vigilante or something of the sort. I do believe that if a person can help locally to protect, aide, and or support they should
  11. Totally agree to trying to organize at least get ACTIVE members to communicate respectfully and frequently. Not just for trying to mobilize but to build something worth having. You try to throw 10+ guys together and hope that they all will fall in line is asking for a problem. If you are truly interested let’s work to find a way to communicate and share information to build a network.
  12. @ Crispus Attucks Not trying to be offensive here, but you ARE being a little offensive. So if your not trying, but still trying then you defeated the purpose of that statement In the interest of communication of ideas, can you point to studies that haven't been proven wrong to show the increased risk of chloroquine (regardless of type)? I have Check Todd slee post fairy tales and fables To summarize YES HCT is working WITH Azithromycin maybe zinc helps but the study was weak. And only if given very early on. The issue with just give it to everyone is the QTC widening. That is a huge topic and I’m not trying to explain that. Research it yourself and then realize you know a 1/100 of what that means. We stopped using that treatment when enough data was gathered to confirm that we were NOT seeing enough change to continue. So imagine you are doing something that “could “ harm someone and not really seeing enough improvements. This is nation wide our data is constantly being scrutinized by researchers. All our patients agree that their info will be used for research. Additionally, the assertion that actual understanding by those that don't have a degree isn't possible is arrogant! No it’s not Do you understand quantum physics? I don’t and I don’t assume that without the proper knowledge that I couldn’t and in this case a degree in that field and a decade of work makes one qualified The logical conclusion of such arrogance is that a mathematician could argue that 2+2=5 and be considered correct when debating a musician or history major. Wrong is now successfully argued to be right simply because of station or certification! Please find a mathematician that would say 2+2=5 then come back Never mind that many in high places and highly educated lie all the time. Kim Gardner is a great example of this. Funded by Soros, she seems hell bent on challenging the foundations of civil society. And simply because of her station, she now intimates to the ignorant and violent that private property is no longer worthy of protection and the exercising of the 2nd Amendment in that interest is a crime? She and Sorros clearly think this is OK by virtue of her position alone. We'll just ignore history which tells us that what comes after (when these ideas take hold) is normally mass murder. This idea that only those with degree's and titles can be right IS WRONG! It's classism, which is just as bad as racism if not worse. I would hope that since you are here, you are open to being wrong (or not suffering cognitive dissonance) and can discuss things instead of ad hominem chortling. Not classism if it’s a fact without knowledge of the area of expertise then your simply talking shit I don’t start the fights but I will step up when called out the reason for the harsh reply was he’s comment about myself being apart of the problem. I’m not one to roll over when told that my hard works are disingenuous or not worthy. if you can find someone that’s a medical professional that does this for anything other than the fact that they truly care about people. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack

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