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  1. Welcome eddie if you are interested we have a South Carolina chat room on discord. 


  2. Welcome Bruce !!

    1. Bruce Dennis

      Bruce Dennis

      Thanks. I’m new to this area but lived in Columbia SC previous. Any meet ups scheduled that you know of?

  3. Can a admin contact me please 

  4. Got someone in pelzer thats wanting to start one I’ll send you his contact 

  5. Most of

    the upstate is pretty laid back and reluctant to do much more than talk. 
    there is a area code militia for the 864 but it’s little more than a way to see potential interest. 
    I live in TR and would gladly help in anyway possible 

    1. Freeman


      I live in pelzer been trying to find a militia group close by or try to find people to start one also I believe we need to get politically active

  6. Welcome 

    and since it’s short notice if you need anything my personal contact info is 


    [email protected] 

    yes I do live in the upstate and am available for help thanks and Godspeed 

  7. Due to current events “if” anyone within range needs assistance. 
    my personal contact info 


    [email protected] 

  8. Welcome fellow patriot 

  9. Welcome to the 864. 

  10. Count me interested 

  11. 9 years active duty 3 years deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq 19D Ranger School 10th Mountain 1-87 multiple schools during service. Currently a RN in SC and father of 2. Not interested in BS and mall ninjas if you want to discuss real issues and topics I have a wealth of knowledge. 

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