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  1. Good evening. I am trying to find a militia to join and communicate with. Can you help point me in the right direction? 


    I'm in South Carolina but MyMilitia doesn't actually have my area code. Mine is 803 rather than 843. 

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    2. JPilken


      If you mean the first person to sign up for the 864 then yes. It seems getting people to respond at the least is almost impossible. Many have signed up and almost none have responded to PMs or group chats. Starting to think SC is too comfortable or typical paranoia that keeps most from talking. 

    3. Rascaldees


      Bud if you want I plan on having a militia that gets together at least once a month. Though arguably mine will be atypical. Why not come check us out? We are small and just started yesterday but I think we'll be a good group to join. 

    4. JPilken


      I planned on having an informal militia with maybe a once a year FTX but with the communication being so limited I doubt there are many that are serious. I doubt I’d be much use being this far north but if you want a honorary member then I’m in. 

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