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  1. Where was the medical scientist part? I watched twice and turned on subtitles.
  2. @ ROFCB Commander There lyes the nature of the problem "But we can't expect that just because a political leader is wearing a silk top hat, he can do magic." How much longer will he be a President? Months, Years we can't say the swing voters will never remember that Trump removed them god awful bump stocks, but the die hard 2A supporters will. So who's votes is he getting from that Political Victory? Most swing voters couldn't tell you what he has done in the past year. Now, will Donald Trump protect AS A CLASS the 2nd Amendment and those of us who believe in it? Absolutely. It would be suicidal if he didn't, remember when Obama got re-elected? How many times did he mention those nasty black rifles? hell Obama helped sell more guns in 8 years than any other president and I'm pretty confident he believes in it too. when is the last time Mr Trump went skeet shooting? he wants your vote sir not your opinion That doesn't mean that to navigate the political waters he won't sacrifice little things that are nearly meaningless (like cheap pieces of plastic that can be replicated using a belt loop). We don't like it because we've already seen so much sacrificed, and if you whittle away at the tree long enough, it will fall--but again, this is the land as it lays, not as we want it to. Better he gives up bump stocks than 30 round magazines. Better he gives up 30 round magazines than ARs. Better he gives up ARs than all guns. You get the point. I HATE IT JUST LIKE YOU DO, but this is the land as it lays. If Mr trump was half as hard on the Gun Grabbers as he is on well... pick anything. NO ONE here would worry about magazine bans I won't go into the rest Coffee is brewing You and many others follow President Trump and rarely offer opposition to anything he does. He is not a saint nor a devil, and that is why he needs to be reminded by his base to hold the line. If you truly believe that giving up any rights is justifiable for the purpose of getting re-elected then you probably should run for office. you would fit right in. Face it Between Trump Vs Hillary its was a decision of "The Devil that you know Vs the Devil you DON'T" It is indeed a war of attrition, and we've been losing that war for a very long time. We can't change that overnight; there is no viable "nuclear option". But we CAN change it...one neighbor at a time. I said it you said it we have been losing and please let me know how those pink hat, rainbow flag wearing feelings hurt all the time LGBTQ group react to your point of view. Its not the neighbors that like you that you need its the ones that HATE you, the ones that will violate your rights then call YOU a RACIST and after the one sided conversation you sir the law abiding citizen will face a jury NOT of your peers but of liberal shit heads. case and point the McCloskeys. No they are not in jail, yes they surrendered their firearms ASK yourself "IF" they were NOT BOTH Attorneys could they afford to stand up to the corruption that they face? legal fees in the tens of thousands, death threats, they hired personnel security to protect there home.FROM there NEIGHBORS. President Trump has my respect for what he has done but he also has my rough up for what he should have done. He will get my vote along with a letter reminding him to keeps his orange hands off gun rights.
  3. @ ROFCB Commander take into consideration that after Vegas shooting which we still have no answers. President Trump had the ATF re evaluate bumpstocks. I have little love for them and a belt loop does the same. He likes guns as in you can have them just as long as he has your vote. I don’t hate Trump nor the majority of policies he has created. The verbiage of the second amendment is clear “shall not be infringed” yes a bumpstock is just a poorly made over priced piece of plastic but where does it stop? How about the binary triggers? Or even a precision trigger? Wait now no trigger under 8 lbs. we as gun owners have had more restrictions applied to us than any other amendment out there. Let’s try restricting the 1st and see how people react. you are asking for “good” law abiding gun owners to act. Sir laws are not written for good people. laws are written and rights are restricted when morons run loose. I use to be a real Fudd and truly only believe in hunting and personal defense. Once I started becoming interested in more types of firearms I couldn’t understand why I cannot have them. I don’t have a purpose of a over under shotgun but that doesn’t mean someone else does. You start chipping away and that’s when you look back at all that you lost. These fights aren’t a all out war it’s a war of attrition. And gents we have lost a lot.
  4. The quickest way to get Trump to be more anti 2A is with a mob like that threatening civilians. You want gun control that’s how you get it.
  5. Welcome eddie if you are interested we have a South Carolina chat room on discord. 


  6. @ Krunk1 I am a hour south of Asheville and can remember a time when it wasn’t a liberal paradise. If you hear of anything going sideways keep us posted.
  7. Making progress in some areas if anyone is interested just give me a shout!!
  8. I was just gonna let y’all beat each other up on this one. I do want to point out that the couple at the center of this were well within their rights to protect their home. I noticed that you pointed out that your POS car isn’t worth protecting nor your lawn. That’s on you brother regardless of the fine estate the reside in or a POS car their act set a new standard for THEIR area. The man even cited that he watched as his city burned and no one stopped it. I can truly empathize with his concern from loss of unrecoverable property or loss of life. I posted that THEY should get some proper firearm training, especially the wife. That was just pure bad judgment on her part by waving it around. I’m sure the heat of the situation did not help and maybe a glass of wine. If they surrendered their firearms due to a open investigation and there was a just cause... let it play out in the court of law. My guess is he might have another firearm or at least the ability to attain one. lastly why do we feel the need to butcher each other over the smallest things. My guess is if you had that level of disgust for the opposition then they would all but be eliminated.
  9. Seems they have lots of online support if that accounts for anything. “if” there was a clear way to start a new civil war all it would take is one person to get shot at a event like this.
  10. I say take donations to get the couple some proper firearm training.
  11. Can I point something out without being put in my place?? so all we truly know about this group is what the leader stands for and what the “trusty” media has told us. hate to say it. If that was a group of patriots/right wing enthusiasts/etc. this would be taken differently. Have many here not called for the exact same show of force? would we as a whole not look much different? i really could care less what caliber of rifle or manor of gear they wear. I’m more interested in how they behaved themselves if they march and do so without destruction of property. I say congratulations for keeping their own in line. Far better than the “peaceful” protestors. They too have felt the shifting of the world and are making there stance known. We should view this as “ hell I am NOT crazy—look someone else is pissed too” I DONT AGREE WITH LEADER AND HIS MEASAGES but see a country that is experiencing significant issues. Watch and learn from them see what issues they face. Let their mistakes be our map to navigate these tough times.
  12. I once saw a cook with jump wings. I remember asking him if he jumped with a wooden spoon.
  13. https://discord.gg/pSBSce lots of movement here in SC come check it out.
  14. https://discord.gg/pSBSce started a SC page lots of activity
  15. I opened a private chat room on discord to help expedite conversations. Hopefully we can build something from the ground up.
  16. Welcome Bruce !!

    1. Bruce Dennis

      Bruce Dennis

      Thanks. I’m new to this area but lived in Columbia SC previous. Any meet ups scheduled that you know of?

  17. Can a admin contact me please 

  18. I may know a guy close to you let me see if he is still active he should be contacting you
  19. Sometimes it takes a fire to get people to move.
  20. Cool like I said it works for some. more progress in a hour than in past several months

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