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  1. Very correct. If we aren't hiding what we are doing then there should be 0 problems on a state or federal level
  2. So Saint George should be 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Whiskey Company, Unit Serria-801 that is only my idea. Mainly because I would like to have everything organised, by county/city as well as the area code. Such as Davis County is 1st Regiment 1st Battalion Delta Company Clinton/Clearfield is Charlie Unit-385. Farmington is Foxtrot Unit. I am trying to see if the National Guard will let the militia's train with them, since they are self funded, where is the national guard is state funded, and basically have the same mission to protect the people of the United State. It will also help it from any anti-government lable, or any hate group lable. Plus help it be a recognised state organization. Not sure how many we need to become that, but it is a goal that I have. Another cool goal I've thought of is that any member can take the security/bailbonds course aka fugitive apprehension course, and have the power to make legal arrest "detain" at that point. I do know that at that point we will not be labled a terrost origination after that as well. I really do feel it sucks that the american people are forced to have to repete the war of 1775-1783 today's government really didn't learn anything from it.
  3. Ok sounds good to me, it is time to take back our state, and country.
  4. If you live anywhere in box elder county 155.595 is law enforcement aka police/sheriff/ems/uhp
  5. Also arcshell ar-5 and arcshell ar-6
  6. The other is factory channel 2 in any bf-888 or bf-888s
  7. Keep in mind channel 2 with no sub-channel
  8. I did post proof of the frequency, so you can use your uv-5r and hand whoever the cobra
  9. There it is without any words.
  10. I wasn't joing about that frequency.
  11. Nice I gave out the same. Had I got my numbers out commanders of units get BF-A58, those under that person gets UV-82, and just basic members get BF-888 ????????? if I am supplying. I am open for whoever to supply their own. I will help them program it with words.
  12. Its what I have done so many times, then they ask why don't i get to use a radio like yours. I always say you get what you get ????????? then tell them the day they buy their own equipment is the day I don't hand then junk to use. Lol
  13. Then hand whoever the cobra on channel 2, them use the baofeng uv-5r ??????????
  14. I rather hand someone a cheap cobra then a boafeng. Just a heads up key in 462.5875 it is the same frs/grms as channel 2 on those cheap radio's.
  15. I am super glad I am not the only baofeng lover on here.

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