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  1. The governor in my state ( Missouri) just announced he was calling up the Army National Guard to help “deal with” the Covid-19 crisis. I don’t see what they’re going to be able to do to help, unless they have medical assets to help out. There’s no civil disturbances or outbreak of crime that law enforcement is being overwhelmed by and can’t handle. Watch things in your area closely too, this could be a prelude to an unnecessary enactment of martial law.
  2. Headhunter, I was just passing along what I was given. I’m usually very skeptical of info like this, the letter never used the actual term “ martial law”. And I was in a war zone for 3 years, I know how tight opsec can be. But I also know how most things leak out. I wouldn’t doubt if it was actually some kind of local curfew type of thing. Whether any of this comes to pass or not it’s a good idea to be well prepared. With the political climate and the tactics used just on a state level ( Virginia, Arizona, etc.) I think we’re going to have to make a concerted effort to change things or we’ll lose all of our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. And the powers that be will fight tooth and nail against us. I hope with all my soul that those on our side will fix this problem, I’m getting old and tired and live in constant pain. But I’ll gladly fight to the end so that my grandkids can live free.
  3. Jsmith28, sorry, I didn’t mean to leave it hanging. A Marine buddy has a son-in-law who works for a power generation station and was given a letter from HS that were basically travel papers to leave his home and travel to the facility without being detained. His supervisor told him that they’re planning on declaring martial law. It wasn’t specific if it was just state wide or a nationwide thing.
  4. I’m usually the voice of reason and common sense, but I’ve been privvy to some info during this phony crisis. Like I said I’m not a conspiracy theorist are usually think things like this but I think it would be wise for everybody to stock up on everything and be prepared. I don’t know how to post a photo here but I have a copy of a letter that everybody should see from the department of homeland security. DEUS VULT. Stay strong and stay prepared fellow militia members. And remember anything worthwhile usually calls for sacrifice. But I will never voluntarily give up my rights my units his motto was no retreat, no surrender.
  5. The way they have been blowing this out of proportion I’ve been thinking all along they’re using it as an excuse to take our rights. The government hasn’t been able to brainwash or scare us into submitting, so now they’ll try to justify it this way. I won’t surrender any of my constitutional rights, I don’t give a damn if there are flesh eating zombies walking through the streets.
  6. Come on, everyone in the northwest Missouri area, we need to get all of the scattered groups and individuals together. There are lots of small groups of 10 or less out there trying to get members and grow but I don’t see much growth. I see a lot of postings by people wanting to join, myself and the others in the 660 & 816 area codes are accepting members. You don’t need to have military experience or be a 20 year old athlete, just have a love for your country and constitution. I have 3 tours in Iraq as a CLS and a convoy commander. I’m willing to merge with other groups and individuals, remember there’s strength in numbers. I also have access to training professionals and medical professionals to help train in many areas. I’m trying to get a group together for introduction and meeting to start setting up things in April. Message me on the Six60 first regiment. My call sign is Delta 1.
  7. Since there was none in my area code, I started a militia yesterday. Thanks for admitting me to the group. How do I go about getting a unit logo? And would it be allowed for me to have it made into an arm patch for our uniforms?

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  8. Actively looking for members for the 660 area (NW Missouri). Contact me to schedule future training and meetings.

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