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  1. Hello, my name is Roy Jennings, I'm a medically retired vet since 2008. I joined the military at the age of 25, 1997 I went to basic, 1998 I graduated AIT. I was MOARG from 98 to 01 where I made a deal with the "Devil", sort of speaking and went active at FT. Leonard Wood, MO. My family and I have done 14 and a half years with 1 yr 6 mo of Iraq. I am a Constitutionalist, Northern Born, Southern Raised. I am currently looking for abled bodies that have the same mindsets and hearts as I, to create an elite militia around Audrain/Monroe County in Missouri. We are to be an Infantry Light Foot BDE
  2. Hello & Good Monday Morning, 

    My name is Roy Jennings. To get a hold of me, my number is;


    (660) 414-5569


    I'm running kind of behind right now, please be patient. Text me your info:


    1. First & Last Name


    3. Rank Retired

    4. MOS 

    5. Proficiency

    6. Work Schedule Only

    7. Phone #

    8. Position & MJP (Militia Job Placement) desired

    9. Any Medical Issues (Will Not Disqualify Anyone, But Is Necessary)

    10. Anything Else You Feel Is Valuable Info

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