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  1. Hello, my name is Roy Jennings, I'm a medically retired vet since 2008. I joined the military at the age of 25, 1997 I went to basic, 1998 I graduated AIT. I was MOARG from 98 to 01 where I made a deal with the "Devil", sort of speaking and went active at FT. Leonard Wood, MO. My family and I have done 14 and a half years with 1 yr 6 mo of Iraq. I am a Constitutionalist, Northern Born, Southern Raised. I am currently looking for abled bodies that have the same mindsets and hearts as I, to create an elite militia around Audrain/Monroe County in Missouri. We are to be an Infantry Light Foot BDE and eventually Regiment. If interested and you live in my area, you can text me at 660-414-5569. Please make sure to use the header "MO. Militia and an Introduction, otherwise you will fall to the trash bin. I am the CSM of this unit until I find a suitable person to take over. OPENINGS ♤ CSM ♤ CPT ♤ 1& 2 LT ♤ 1ST SGT ♤ PLT. LDR. ♤ SQD. LDR. JOB OPENING ♤ Training NCO ♤ Arms Room ♤ Medic ♤ Quarter Master ♤ Intel We still have things to create; ie: guideon, unit flag, patches, shirts, etc. First Meet & Greet will be at a restaurant in Moberly or Mexico to get acquainted and to create a tempo as to build on. "When you attack, you must hold nothing back. You must commit yourself totally." GEN. Robert E. Lee
  2. Hello & Good Monday Morning, 

    My name is Roy Jennings. To get a hold of me, my number is;


    (660) 414-5569


    I'm running kind of behind right now, please be patient. Text me your info:


    1. First & Last Name


    3. Rank Retired

    4. MOS 

    5. Proficiency

    6. Work Schedule Only

    7. Phone #

    8. Position & MJP (Militia Job Placement) desired

    9. Any Medical Issues (Will Not Disqualify Anyone, But Is Necessary)

    10. Anything Else You Feel Is Valuable Info

  3. Wyatt Earp 70

    Wyatt Earp 70

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