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Retired Army SSG of 14.5 years. 

My stent has taken me from Missouri to Germany to Iraq to Colorado. My MOS is 88M & 13B. If I wasn't delivering explosives, I blew crap up. I've worn multiple hats to include HAZMAT, Security, Command Driver, BMO, Training NCO, Retention NCO, Weapons NCO, etc. In my civilian life I've  been security for multiple civilian companies. Now I work for myself making hand made swagger sticks, canes and other hand made items as well as being a colonialist antiquities dealer and war antiquities. I was with a militia here in Missouri, but it didn't work out. I'm true to my training and heart and they weren't serious in their training and mind set. I believe in "Train As You Fight." If you don't take it serious someone and you will die.

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