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  1. Hello Sir,

    glad you're joining. My internet is very slow so I don't get on much, but I'm going to upgrade hopefully soon. Hughes net is pretty bad here especially when everyone is home on the computer.  

  2. Site is about as active as I am

    1. LetFreedomRing


      If you want immediate gratification, try our Discord Chat Server under the MEDIA button.

  3. Williamsburg, MO looking to join a group. 2 tours Afghan as combat engineer. Love to learn
  4. Hello & Good Monday Morning, 

    My name is Roy Jennings. To get a hold of me, my number is;


    (660) 414-5569


    I'm running kind of behind right now, please be patient. Text me your info:


    1. First & Last Name


    3. Rank Retired

    4. MOS 

    5. Proficiency

    6. Work Schedule Only

    7. Phone #

    8. Position & MJP (Militia Job Placement) desired

    9. Any Medical Issues (Will Not Disqualify Anyone, But Is Necessary)

    10. Anything Else You Feel Is Valuable Info

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