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  1. Hey Everyone, 


    I am just here looking for like-minded folks in my "neck of the woods"   It would be nice to find someone who both armed and able-bodied to help defend our neighborhoods if/when the time comes when we have to do so.

    Anyone in Roanoke County or Salem out there?  Give me a holler, thx!

    1. Charles Giese

      Charles Giese

      We are having a Muster on the 8th in Vinton . We are a new

      group, Well not a group yet. If you would be interested in going to

      the Muster, call for more information . Charlie ,540-330-2884

      Thank you for your interest .

    2. Charles Giese

      Charles Giese


        Hoped you made it to the Muster, It went well.

      For more info on the Militia group , call or email me.

      We are looking for good people , I'm just the PR voice

      of the Roanoke Area Militia .

      Thank you again for your interest 


  2. Joel Moran

    Joel Moran

  3. I see we are in the same area.  I would like to talk sometime. 


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