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  1. I don’t know a thing about HAM. I may have to look into the small ones. Thank you for the info. You wouldn’t by chance be able to direct me to the info would you?
  2. Doesn’t a HAM take up a lot of space? Not to mention antennas and what have you.
  3. I travel all over the nation for work. I am a Texan. I may not see home but for 3 months of the year. I tow my camper to all my jobs. I have many of my preps: firearms, food, water, etc. I am joining my local militia; however, the local militia is of no use if I am in Montana or wherever. I am already operating with space and weight capacity with my camper. Has anyone figured out how to stay informed, equipped, and possibly reach out to other groups when traveling? So far my plans in the event of civil strife are to just high tell it back home as quickly and safely as possible, but in event of emergency that will not always be the go to. I may be stuck wherever I am. How do fellow travelers deal with their preps and what are potential plans for bugging in or out?
  4. As stated above the duffel bag is a no go. My govt issued duffel has been moved to laundry duty when I travel. I would suggest going to the hunting department at Walmart or Academy. When Hunting season starts coming to an end they tend to put a lot of rucksacks/backpacks on sale. I managed to get a Marine type camo pattern SOG for $30 at Walmart. Very comfortable and tons of pockets for storage. I routinely use it for training and has held up very well for the past 5 or so years.
  5. I am in Hillsboro, TX. Due to the nature of my work I have not joined a militia, I just travel too much to attend training. I was Air Force Security Forces. Should anything happen, I will aid and work with whatever group is in my AO wherever I may be in the nation. If anyone has any helpful lines of communication that can assist it would be appreciated. I would happily be vetted and answer any questions necessary. Going to a meet and greet with TSM on the 21st. Hopefully I can gain some info.
  6. Burythehatchet. I'm with you. I'm in Hillsboro and the nearest I can find is Dallas.
  7. My name is Clay. I'm from Hillsboro, TX. I did 6 years as an Air Force cop. I would really like to find a group in my area that could use my skills and Could teach me something new.

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