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  1. So can anyone tell me whom I would talk to based on my mchenry county residence
  2. I have no idea where I am at but I am curious
  3. Hello sir my name is jim call sign Hunter would you be interested in joining the il sons of liberty? Check out our website please
  4. We may be an armed militia but no one is willing to risk it anymore. Wuusification of America
  5. Sorry don't know about the organization setup down there. What's app says that cause you might be on a plan where they still charge by the messages. If you'll be a little patient I'm sure you'll be able to hook up with them. Let me know if I can help
  6. Looks like you're 5 hours from us. We might have a group down there I can connect with you. I'll check. Also look up Illinois sons of Liberty and you'll be able to get information there.
  7. Don't know how far you are from McHenry, but would like to do a meet and greet and get to know you if its convenient. In a couple weeks we might be able to help you exercise those arms.
  8. I wish I had half of that. I wouldn't be doing so bad if I'd reload like I'm supposed to. We'll definitely have to get together. Bristol charges 30 a day
  9. We go up to Bristol Wisconsin every month I'm sure if that doesn't work we can figure something out you're right by the way have you ever considered joining the sons of Liberty?
  10. Sorry my number is 8156874961 I'm a 3ed shift so you can try to text in the afternoon and I'll call if available thanks
  11. Also have 2 others on my team looking to grow into a solid squad/ platoon
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