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    I love the constitution and I am 100% in support of uninfringed 2A rights.
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  1. Hi, new to the group. I am a constitutional conservative who is willing to defend the Constitution and American way of life. Our rights to defend ourselves are being traded for our dependence on government to increase as we become hogs trapped for never asking why the feed is free. I hate no one without reason, but voluntary ignorance is destroying our society and generations to come. Our governing bodies have become murderous and seemingly untouchable. I have had enough. Haven't you? I'm tired of seeing the country that I love being torn apart by it's own citizens. God help us all.
  2. I believe the Constitution defines how the government is supposed to represent its constituents, not to rule over them. WE THE PEOPLE are the rightful rulers of this country, not the governing bodies who tax us in every fashion and want to disarm us and leave us as helpless lambs being led to the slaughter house. I won't be that lamb voluntarily.
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