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  1. With all these radical leftist governors implimenting unconstitutional orders in the name of "public safety" and now police telling us citizens on private property that their rights can be and are suspended, it's pretty much confirmed. There is no government law above the Constitution, these officials and police officers who are breaking their oath to the Constitution should be forcefully removed from their positions by any means necessary. This is going too far, we the people are being treated like cattle and it's going to hit a point where the pot boils over. It's completely obvious with all the censorship of doctors and nurses talking about the virus and how we are handling it wrong, the WHO being in bed with the Chinese communist party, all the statistics and the fact that they are lying about hospitals, the fema camp style lines with food banks and freaking Walmart etc, and the policies being enacted. Hell look at everything so far leading up to before this covid-19 crap. At what point is enough, enough? Look at the Canadian prime minister passing a weapons ban leaving their law abiding citizens in danger because it's a proven fact that criminals don't care about laws and crime rates will now increase. It's only a matter of time before our communist politicians do the same here even if we have a constitution that they don't seem to care for. This is the last place on Earth where you have civil liberties, there is no where else to run. A stand needs to be made, because playing nice doesn't work anymore. This is not the America I swore an oath to. Opinions anyone?
  2. Hey can I get a phone number for you. Thank you! 

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