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  1. i often wonder where you have gone ?

  2. Can you help me? I live in Missouri. And I am interested in learning and possibly joining a militia. I am a white female with two kids and a husband living in KCMO. I have a gun, my dad was army, grandpa a marine and the other grandpa was army. But they are all dead. Help!

  3. Marine.. you were a bulk fueler? I was a Skid Kid. New River, Cherry Point and Pendleton.

  4. Don't believe you'd have to worry about shitting yourself, the cold would raise the pucker factor exponentially!
  5. This season kind of sucks, but i guess you got to know the story line and all, neegan is one of those guys you'd just love to have in crosshairs.
  6. Believe me Sons of constitution, i had trouble with it at first myself, but once you get it down, it's so simple you want to kick yourself in the ass for being so dense.

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