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  1. Mines are still running ammo is scarce as well as paper towels and toilet paper. The local Grocer is keep food on the shelves but ppl have definitely slowed and the roads aren’t nearly as busy as they was
  2. Sounds just like the mines union I totally agree with you
  3. I work non union now and to be honest the safety standards are the same if not higher. The money is way better also. I’m not knocking the union but to be honest it wasn’t for me back in the day I think the union was a good thing. Now we have labor laws and MSHA that protect us. After the local union here where I live endorsed OBAMA it really wasn’t for me! How could anyone endorse someone that wants to put them outta work ?
  4. Yes it was my dad retired 37 years at the same union mine
  5. I found this site by searching militias in WV and I used to be UMWA but there aren’t any union mines around my area anymore
  6. I produce coal from the working face I run the the continuous miner
  7. Any McDowell people that would like to get connected message me anytime
  8. McDowell county roll call message me anytime 

  9. Any feeding issues? I’m looking to buy another one I’m just looking around but I’ve heard bad things about PSA so it’s nice to hear some positive things. I’m looking towards a Saint edge also it’s got a heavier price tag than PSA but it seems to be the closest to the quality as my fighting rifle which I would stake my life on anytime. I see it as you pay more for the higher end rifles but it gives reassurance that heaven forbid you ever have to squeeze the trigger you know it’s gonna run without fail. Believe me when I say I’m not rich by any means ima coal miner so I pinch every penny possible
  10. @ Liberty Prime have you had problems out of yours and how many rounds have you ran through it
  11. What’s some of y’all’s favorite AR/M4 platform brands? I’m partial to Sons Of Liberty Gun Works my self. What’s your opinion and why ?
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