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  1. I'm with you Black Jack. If this travesty is not reversed, then succession is our only recourse. How do we make it happen? Do we have anyone in the State government with the stones to declare our independence? If just one southern state would declare independence (looking at you Texas), I think that all others would follow. If Texas has lost their independent streak, then Tennessee should roll with it.

  2. Brother, if I was physically located in TN I’d be with you. We’re out in WA State for my wife’s work. God bless you and our State! Black Jack
  3. Woh now brother. It’s dark, we all know that, but we and you as part of that we are needed and appreciated. If you need to contact me or anyone here please just reach out. Believe me when I say we need every Tennessee patriot now and forever. My gggrandfather fought in the 10th Tennessee Infantry (Confederate) for our State and indeed for us, its native sons. We all need to keep our shit in one bag, as we say in the Marine Corps, and stand as one. My prayers are with you and I and so many others are by your side in spirit. Please keep your place on the firing line.
  4. In the meantime I will continue to plan, evangelize, recruit, and fly the Bonnie Blue Flag!
  5. I would hope that true patriots would abandon the Marxist states and move to those identified as Red. We need total communities and not islands in a sea of madness.
  6. My own belief is that the differences are irreconcilable no matter who wins.
  7. I'll place my knapsack on my back My rifle on my shoulder I'll march away to the firing line And kill that Yankee soldier And kill that Yankee soldier I'll march away to the firing line And kill that Yankee soldier I'll bid farewell to my wife and child Farewell to my aged mother And go and join in the bloody strife Till this cruel war is over Till this cruel war is over I'll go and join in the bloody strife Till this cruel war is over If I am shot on the battlefield And I should not recover Oh, who will protect my wife and child And care for my aged mother And care for my aged mother
  8. If in agreement, please spread the word to loyal Godly patriots in other Southern State and raise the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears the Star of Freedom!
  9. Fellow Tennesseans, after recent election results it is plain that the blue Yankee states have made their decision to elect tyranny over freedom and Marxism over a Constitutional Republic. To any patriot of the now former Republic secession is our only path. How many militias in our Great State and other “Red” states would choose secession and a new Southern Confederacy of States built on our patriots of 1861 and those who have since the Revolution given their lives for freedom? The lines are drawn and although it pains me to my very soul I declare myself a free and independent citizen of Tenn
  10. Are you active in PA?

    1. Black Jack

      Black Jack

      To-date we are not we do have leadership in the MW and if you would like I can place you in touch with them. We are different than any other militia type organisation as we are Christian, male, primarily military combat arms or combat support and follow the structure of the original Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. There is a method to the madness that can be provided at a later date. We are small by design as we prefer clandestine activity as opposed to marches and counter protests that in reality amount to nothing. We’re non-political and look to Christ as our moral compass. It’s an honour to have you connect with us!

    2. Relic


      I belong to a PA group already. We are not religious in constitution but almost every member is deeply religious. Many of the religious in several groups were looking to have a religious based organization but just couldn't get it off the ground. I will keep in touch on this.

    3. Relic


      thank you and God bless

  11. I would propose that National Militias be placed at the beginning of the listings by State with a caveat that no State militia information shall be posted, but should be posted in that specific State’s area.

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