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  1. The Sons of Molly Maguire is forming in Snohomish County, WA. OPSEC communication will be via “Signal”. Please make contact via this message board.


    The the regiment...


    As long as we remember them, they live,

    They are shoulder to shoulder with us in life.

    And just like us in hearts, they carry

    The responsibility to honor your homeland.

    They are looking at the country,

    Saved forever from the evils of Communism and unGodly behaviour,

    After going through harsh war s with dignity,

    No regrets to put on the field of life.

    The Immortal regiment is walking on the planet

    And do not hold it, do not ban it.

    And we, my friend, are responsible with you now

    For every life moment.

    And this means to be America the Great,

    Reaffirming your dignity and honor.

    We are the heritage of Victory, will provide the connection of times,

    Let's keep the family so we won't forget their names...



  2. If in Snohomish County, former Combat Arms or Combat Support and wish to connect please message me on this site. Looking for like minded tactically and technically proficient warriors to connect with and prepare for SHTF scenarios.
  3. Black Jack

    Black Jack

  4. The Sons of Molly Maguire is organising in WA State and other States nationwide. Please look at our group on FB as well as our group “The Tribe”. If this fits with your ideology and concept of operations please contact our point man, Yuri, at [email protected] Thank you. Black Jack

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