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  1. Blood checking in, Pierron, Il 62273 Looking to hook up with some people close by for training.
  2. Last time I went it was $15 dollars for all day. They have target stands provided and targets.
  3. I shoot at Highland Pistol and Rifle Club but they are closed for this "epidemic"
  4. I live an hr away now but Im sure we can arrange something
  5. Hello my fellow Americans, Just a little about me. Born and raised in Southern , IL Outdoorsman, cars enthusiast, gun lover. Looking to learn and meet like minded people Hope all is well with your family and friends.
  6. Hello everyone, How the name came to be. **LONG STORY*** While at college a group of my floor mates and friends when out to eat to a restaurant called Sirloin Stockade. It had a salad bar and you could order steaks, so we ordered steaks. We ordered steaks but there was a volleyball game that got over so the place was packed. An hour went by and the steaks came out. I usually order my steak medium but this night the steak came out Medium raw to raw, which I didn't mind because we waited an hr plus. I cut into to eat it and the plate ran red. A friend looked over and said yuck. I picked it, tore into it and had it hanging out of my mouth . Someone yelled he sure loves the taste of blood. The name was used for an online game and it transitioned from ILoveTheTasteOfBLood, LoveTheTasteOfBlood, TasteOfblood then finally shortened to TasteOBlood because I i joined a Cal-O team.  I go by Blood.
  7. TasteOBlood checking in. Southern Illinois here, 62273 Looking to learn
  8. TasteOBlood


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