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  1. If you are interested in joining an active militia let me know and I can give you more details.  We hold regular training events at least once a month, if not twice a month.  We are always looking for new members to join our family! 

  2. Blood checking in, Pierron, Il 62273 Looking to hook up with some people close by for training.
  3. Last time I went it was $15 dollars for all day. They have target stands provided and targets.
  4. I shoot at Highland Pistol and Rifle Club but they are closed for this "epidemic"
  5. I live an hr away now but Im sure we can arrange something
  6. Hello my fellow Americans, Just a little about me. Born and raised in Southern , IL Outdoorsman, cars enthusiast, gun lover. Looking to learn and meet like minded people Hope all is well with your family and friends.
  7. Hello everyone, How the name came to be. **LONG STORY*** While at college a group of my floor mates and friends when out to eat to a restaurant called Sirloin Stockade. It had a salad bar and you could order steaks, so we ordered steaks. We ordered steaks but there was a volleyball game that got over so the place was packed. An hour went by and the steaks came out. I usually order my steak medium but this night the steak came out Medium raw to raw, which I didn't mind because we waited an hr plus. I cut into to eat it and the plate ran red. A friend looked over and said yuck. I
  8. TasteOBlood checking in. Southern Illinois here, 62273 Looking to learn

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