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  1. What is the discord name of the channel? I did a search and came back negative
  2. Welcome!  Glad to have you on board.?

    1. Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen sr.

      Welcome brother 

    2. Gary Naese

      Gary Naese

      I can see its going to take me some time to learn how to get around on the site, but i am sure it shouldn't be an issue. 

  3. Hello My name is Gary Naese and even thou i have not served in the military I have 2 older brothers that have and at that time they would not let me sign up to serve our country. I am tired of all of the BS the politicians are trying to shove down our throats and see this as an opportunity to help defend our constitutional rights. I do belong to many 2A related groups and plan on attending the Igold event coming up in April. Thanks for taking me in.
  4. Gary Naese

    Gary Naese

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