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  1. My post maybe long but it is historically correct. The war was over the 10th amendment and the states right to leave the union. In the 1850s and 1860s, the South was trading with Europe pretty much without tariff. This was good for both sides. The South moved a lot of goods and in exchange they were able to buy technology which they could not get cheaply from Northern states. The North looked down their noses at the south as being backwards. Lincoln as he campaigned for President and in his inaurganal address stated he did not care about southern states and slavery. He said that any new state had to be free but had no intentions of fighting the south over slaves. The problem arose before Lincoln over taxes.For the Southern states to trade with Northern states they (south) had to pay taxes or tariffs on goods coming from Europe, the Souths cash cow. This made it hard to make a profit for Southern traders. Remember, there was no official currency until Lincoln so every state had a dollar of different value. The two cultures were very different. The North was heavily industrialized and the South aquarian. They had different customs, traditions and social classes which could not mix at the time. The only thing in common was people were very rich or very poor. When the South wanted to succeed Lincoln wanted to hold together the union. The North attacked because of Fort Sumter. The South felt it was there fort as it was on Charleston. Once shots were fired, there was no turning back. The slavery issue came to the forefront in 1863 when the first slaves made it up North. Prominent abolitionists urged Lincoln to free the slaves based upon stories told by the now freed blacks. The Norths citizens did not want to fight the war. They were rounded up and put in the army. Only if they were able to pay $500 were they able to avoid the army. In the South, all men of age wanted to fight and even the slaves wanted to fight as well. The South lost the war due to the lack of technology, heart, ( amounts of casualties) and being out maneuvered. This was partially due to fighting a war the gentalmens way where the North under Lincoln, who had severe depression, just wanted the war over at any costs. So, the long answer is: Taxes, Culture, 10th amendment, Ego and of course profits or making money. I suggest reading the book, "The real Lincoln".
  2. Im an old NY'r. No one from my old unit or friends have any idea who did it. A rumor is the mob did it. It was a quick drop and the cars did the rest. I'm happy about it. It is an insult to the President to have that done in front of Trump tower. It's really a good looking building.
  3. We are sitting on a powderage and the fuse is lit. We now need to bring the fight to them. We cannot wait until the election because it will be fixed. We will lose. Either way the election goes the fighting will start. Get ready. Buy supplies get armed be in a group.
  4. A lot of the people in NY who lean left won't like this. Sorry about that but our country has run amuck. Seattle is under siege by a group of thugs who are beating white men, women, and children demanding money. Stores are being extorted for payment. The leftist running the state and city are asses. You never ever give up a police station! What they should do is to go in with force and have the thugs evicted or take the area back by force. In Atlanta, GA, two good cops are being prosecuted for doing there job. The officer who fatally wounded the ex-con did us a favor. YOU NEVER RESIST ARREST AND NEVER EVER POINT ANY WEAPON AT A POLICE OFFICER. That is a sure recipe to die. The other office did absolutely nothing wrong. The mayor, police commissioner, and governor have thrown these men under the bus. Our society has run amuck. No matter the outcome in these cases, rioting and killing will follow. Its time to take back these streets by any means possible. I am appalled by the poor judgment of the elected officials in both cases. I may get thrown off facebook but my message will reach others on other platforms. Its time to make government accountable since they work for us. Enough is enough! People, do what you need to do to take back civility and law in our country.

  5. Be prepared for protests in Greenville and Spartanburg. Count up your supplies. Be ready if it hits here. If this happens, we will move out.
  6. major sharpshooter on deck, locked and loaded. Awaiting orders.
  7. Is there any reason to be concerned. What evidence do we have at this point? If we are to be activated, how will we know?
  8. I don't live far from Donadson Air Force base. There has been a large number of military plans and helicopters flying in today.
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  10. Welcome to the 864. 

  11. Lt. Col. Military historian and strategist. WWII expert. Firearms expert and instructor. Safety expert. Investigator and computer information specialist. LE O background. Sharpshooter small arms expert. Tight quartered trained. Survivalist. Expert in first aid as well as pharma. Lone wolf but command when needed. Trained in communication evation tactics. Top Shot trained. NRA certified. Mobility and transportation expert.     

  12. Tom ready and on station


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