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  1. That a milita in Kenosha Wisconsin was referred to as a group For the purposes of this article, "when we refer to the militia movement, we are referring to an umbrella term that encompasses paramilitary activists and groups with strong anti-government leanings". I dont feel that way. I always saw us as a group in defense of the known Government. Now if a group splinters off the normal Demoncrat/Republican arena that is the US Gvmt then I can see taking the side of the right (not Liberal Right). But when does the issue arise? When will it be a choice? When will we have to make that choice? I
  2. Not to my way of thinking. The Licensing entityis the Federal Communications . It is financed by the Gvmt so the moneys for license are few. I guess it would make a good Christmas Dinner or something......
  3. Any broadcasting Radio Station must operate under a license. Whether it be a Ham/Sideband or Commercial station. That way the government keeps up with all radio traffic. I even had to apply for an FCC license for a simple CB radio base. I was illegal tho and used a Ham Rig that put out way too many watts of power and also had Upper and Lower sideband. I got by with it tho. Do not have unit any more. Good Days

  4. My Mailing Address is Jay Fl. But I live quite a ways out of town. Intersection of 4 and 87 gets you close. North N East of P'cola
  5. yesterday 4/1/2020. I got a phone call from my Primary Care Physician that one of his staff was tested positive for the China Virus. I am now in self Quarantine for the required period of time. I even now sleep in a separate room. It is probably of no concern. I have faith in My GOD that all will be just fine. But it kinda brings it home now that it is personal. I dont just watch the news with a detached frame of mind. Reality does that to you doesnt it ?
  6. Will be in good shape. Plenty of Toilet Paper. serous amount of Ammo. On County water but we have a well and a pump. Plenty of seeds, and propane and gasoline' Like others, when my gas guage hits half, its time to refill. All in all. I am not in bad shape. I am Retired so I say at home anyway. Inside the house is ok. Just cant mow the yard (oh heck). Wife Loves to Can and Preserve so we have a large amount laid back. Plus 2 freezers and a good amount of charcoal. Wife makes Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Gel and Alcohol
  7. Welcome Aboard**

    1. Stuart Haynes

      Stuart Haynes

      Thanks for the Welcome. An Honor to be included in the organizition

  8. I will start bu saying that is it an honor to be associated with you. I am 66 years of age. I am also Disabled but am able to function. I am trying to get myself back in shape also. I am fearful of the Demoncrats and the socialist movement in our country. These young ones who are voicing for Socialism havnt a clue. I was in an accident years ago while in the delayed enlistment of the Air Force. I washed out. Knee problems. I did take the Oath and still Live by that oath. I never heard that I was relieved from it. I am not fully functional to your group but I do have some abilities that c

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