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  1. Hi Patriot. I live across the Port Royal sound in Hilton Head, and want to get to know MY Militia members as I am new. To say I'm "outraged" over whats happening in almost every large city in the US is a major understatement. I Believe this is not going away, so I want to start organizing people in the Low country, to be ready to defend our families, cities, homes and monuments which are Americas history.

    There is no militia down here in the lowcountry, and there should be. There is safety in numbers, because we know these dangerous Anarchist are very organized, have major numbers and are now starting to carry rifles and pistols. Message me with any comments or concerns, and info about others that might want to join. I am starting to have small meetings with close friends, to discuss what their readiness is and that It is better to be prepared and never use it, than to know you could have been ready, and just didn't and could'nt protect their families.

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      Hello. I quite agree with you about being prepared for most any situation that may arise. As a former U.S. Army weapons expert and a Dade County police officer and homicide detective and Vietnam vet, I am fully aware of the dangers that face us all, especially now. Knowing what to do, how to do it and protecting our families is paramount. I would like to talk with you about what is going on sometime. Thank you for contacting me.

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