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  1. Hi sorry for the delayed response! I agree with all you said. I’m very interested in gathering more folks to join in here. I have a ton of people from the medical freedom movement who I think, if they understood the militia, would definitely be on board. I also am a part of a group called Lawful America, which is where I’m gaining more connections. I want to get people over here, but of course, the right people. I don’t want to open up this safe forum to trolls so, I need to find a stealth way to share this so it is very trusted individuals. I will check in with my team and get back to you on
  2. Ok my day got away from me! Lawful America is a group of people organizing around upholding the constitution. These people are doing amazing work especially at the moment dealing with unlawful vaccine mandates. Sending out notices to legislators, boards of education, and more and more people will be added to receive notices. It’s an amazing group, all looking to keep our rights intact. Their website is lawfulamerica.com.
  3. Hi! Thank you.. I found it by looking up local militia. National Liberty Alliance is a group of people who have organized themselves around upholding the constitution. They have had much success in helping people battling cps cases. Their site has a ton of amazing info and courses for study.
  4. I will get back to you with more info in the morning ?
  5. You may have seen my other reply, I’m actually north of you in Wi, that being said, I would be very interested in a meet and greet at some point, even if we had multiple area codes involved along with medical freedom activists. Anyone who wants to make a plan for moving forward. Have you heard of Lawful America? They are moving mountains! I think everyone in these militia groups would whole heartedly appreciate the moves they are making. Please ask me about them!
  6. Thank you! I’m actually north of you all, but I’m glad to be connected!
  7. welcome to the 608 write in the topic section about yourself 

  8. Hi everyone! I am a medical freedom activist in Wisconsin. I have recently joined forces with Lawful America and National Liberty Alliance. I am studying materials in both websites about our rights, the Constitution, and what options we have to hold legislators and private membership associations accountable for using unlawful, non government programs on We The People, posing as authorities over us, when we are actually supposed to be the authority over them. One of the instructions in the National Liberty Alliance site says to form Committees of Safety with local militia and sheriffs, as well

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