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  1. I bought the software and downloaded the frequencies from radio reference, still not working. it must be in the PL tones.
  2. I have a radio shack digital trunking scanner that needs to be programmed for Mercer County, anyone out there that can do this? I have the required cable but I do not have the software. It is a model PRO-2096. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. @ Ryder... I find it hard to believe my eyes... You are in Mercer County. PLEASE look for an invite coming your way shortly to the unit The Mercer County 1st. I'll do that right now, so we can get to know each other better. I would LOVE to have you in our unit.

  4. Would you please reach out to me about being involved? Thank you. 


    1. Radiouser


      ok, the mercer 1st is just starting out, we have a lot to do, I saw youwere a ham in mercer county.  That is good,,since I am the chief radio officer.   I have started out the guys with uv5r radios, That is something everyone can afford,  We use the frs/grmrs feqs, and murs.     By the way I am also a ham, ki4aof

    2. Ryder


      Thanks for the reply. KC3KGY is my call, I have numerous uv5r ht's already and 2 base radios set up in the house.   I monitor the 147.060 repeater at Windmill Gap regularly. I also monitor FRS radio channel 5 both at home and in my SXS.  I have many assets that would be beneficial to the unit, we should meet and discuss. 

    3. Radiouser


      I agree this would be beneficial, we'll get together and see what we can do.

  5. I am new to W.V.. No military experience. EMCOMM experienced, wilderness search and rescue, life long first responder, EMA coordinator and licensed HAM operator. My interest lies in logistics and communications.
  6. Ryder


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