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  1. i never heard about this can anyone give me a quick rundown? but feds are feds as long as people like the clintons run the entire thing from the shadows this is going to keep happening i remember how they killed an innocent civilian during the mailman hostage a while ago if i recall correctly it just gets burried and forgotten everyone else but the feds are at fault its just rinse repeat but i figure the tolerance of patriots and the like will run out sooner than later
  2. thank you ill check them out im assuming you guys are fine with foreigners sticking around and supporting? knoweldge is power afterall
  3. shall not be infringed mad respect for doing this man ive been keeping up with 2a infringements post updates when applicable
  4. so from what im understanding is better communication through patriots and being able to act in the event when needed? thats pretty based most western countries lack such orginization myself included i wish you guys luck ill stick around
  5. so i have a really good friend from the usa who joined militias recently but i was wondering what the goal and purpose was of these militias ive been looking around a bit on the site and saw people say the usual murica fuck yeah crap and that every country but the usa was at fault no mention of the us political leaders tho which made me feel like this would be an other vietnam war in which people would just die for neocons if it would ever act though that might be wrong could anyone inform me on the actual state of things? i appriciate you reading this and would appriciate

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