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  2. Central MN here. I'm 6'1" 200lbs of well trained, well oiled machinery and I take the concept of "be hard to kill" to heart. Life has brought me some great success and I owe this country for it. I have a lot of engineering skills, both in technology and applied mechanics. I developed a site that allows you to scan your states legislation for anti 2A and socialists bills called BillScan.org and utreadudead.com that I hope my fellow Minnesotans will check out. Google is currently doing everything they can to censor them but I've thus far been able to work around them to some extent. If you're tired of just complaining online about politics, then please know that my sites could be a serious game changer. It allows you to share bill information on a twitter and Facebook, comment on bills so other who see them understand your stance and... most of all... allow you to contact the bill sponsors and voice your concerns to them (note I only have MN politicians on their to date but all 50 states will be added soon). My hope is to provide transparency and communication regarding legislation so that we can finally stop complaining and FINALLY make a difference. To get an idea of where I am going with this... imagine every politician being held accountable by there constituents. If you dont like what their doing, you can let them know with only a few clicks. This could be a game changer folks. Please help spread the word. The more people who use the site the louder our voices will be. It takes very little time and I've personally flipped the bill for every American making it free for all. Last, I REALLY hope I win the knife!!
  3. This does seem martial law esk. I'm not really the conspiracy type... but when you compare what's going on now to events in history like Bosnia and post WWI germany, there are many parallels. Crisis occurs, economy fails, and in comes government reliance. It's an algorithm humanity has followed since forever. And here we are yet again. Eyes wide open folks. Anything could happen. Small segway... "Amy Action" is a fucking sweet name.
  4. Update Good News Bad News time. Good news. I've completed all the code to make the politicians contact info available for each bill. My next step is to start the seeding process and import all the data I've collected into my database. Bad news. Fucking google chrome has programatically remove all twitter and fb sharing links to each bill. I'll find a way around it.
  5. If you're reading my feed, check out my 2A Bill Scanning service at UTreadUDead.com and let me know what you think. I'm in the process of making several updates as outlined in my post "Who and I am and what I do". I funded the entire project out of pocket so please consider supporting me by purchasing some apparel or through one of my affiliates such as Brownell found on my site.  

  6. You will have no A's without us 2A's. 

  7. Agreed. I don't want this to come out as wrong, but we need to get people past the "just leave a comment" mentality and shepherd them toward the podium. If all we do is leave a comment, then all we've done is nothing. Everyone has a network that can be used to spread the word about Duncan Lemp and despite the fact that the left leaning social media platforms work to silence our voices, there are enough voices to flood social media, news forums, comment sections, and other mediums with the facts and escalations. I'd be happy to support such a team with any technical means in my arsenal. With the APIs I am developing, we could create a dashboard that allows for a response team to contact politicians and other groups via email campaigns and social media. There are also petition sites we could use (or we could write our own as they seem to be very left leaning). There is a free to use website plugin called sharethis (https://sharethis.com/) you should check out too which allows you to programmatically share links and posts to almost every social media platform. AWS, twilio, and sendgrid could be used for email and SMS (text message) campaigns... this list goes on. Imagine a dashboard that gives a micro team of people the ability to shout so loud that world is forced to hear and acknowledge it just like your mainstream media does. That is what I want for trusted civilians. Man, if I could just get funding!!!!! ? I could take this so far. Hopefully soon. Trying to put emergency funds aside as I think we are on the verge of another real estate bubble like back in 2008 so my funds for projects like this are pretty nil at the moment. Hopefully I can buy low with all this coronavirus bullshit since the market keeps diving and make a bunch of money on its way back up. I'd advise anyone who knows anything about the stock market to do the same. Here is the url for one of my APIs (still in development) http://api.utreadudead.com/api/Politicians?state=MN&firstName=Rob&lastName=Ecklund as of right now, its just seeded with data from MN (my home state) for testing. I am hoping to migrate the data I have mined to it ASAP. You can copy and paste it in your browser to see the sample response. Feel free to tinker with it. Also, as I mentioned before, no need to F around with code for what you are trying to do. Download postman or a restful chrome extension to execute these APIs. Getting an access key for google isn't very hard... you should be able to get one here: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials?project=projecttransparency&folder=&organizationId= If you want to execute the code in javascript so that you can create a csv or format differently, here is some code to get you started. Just copy/paste it inside the <head></head> tag of an html document. If you're using chrome, open up the developer tools and click on the console tab. to view the results after opening the page. <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(window).on('load', function () { getPoliticians("123 Sample Address"); }); function getPoliticians(address) { const Url = "https://www.googleapis.com/civicinfo/v2/representatives?key=[yourapikey]&address=" + address; $.ajax({ url: Url, type: "GET", success: function (result) { console.log("Here is the entire response: " + result); for (var i = 0; i < result.officials.length; i++) { console.log("Here is one field from a parsed response: " + result.officials.name); } } }) } </script> A PHD! Wow, we do have some smart accomplished people. I started out going to school for physics while working as a mechanic to pay for it but dropped out because I could only afford community college and entry level jobs back then for physics degrees paid less than what I was making as a mechanic. I just sort of fell into technology accidentally after taking a temp job for a small business to test out my business skills. I am a proud college drop out! Which is why I love this country so much. Never would've come as far as I've come anywhere else.
  8. Thanks! Hoping to keep cranking out Freedom Code. Remember that I mentioned in a previous post that the list was incomplete when compared to my crawler... so I am currently running both in order to speed up the process. I haven't read through all the docs yet but I think the API was meant to help folks find politicians in their area or district because any address works. No need to learn perl, Its a GET call so all you need to do to test it is: 1. Go to google and get an API key. 2. Copy and paste the url into you browser with values for the parameters. You should get a JSON response. Once you have the response, you can probably use something like https://json-csv.com/ to convert it to csv but you might need to copy and paste the specific object that contains all the politicians instead of the entire response. I am going to try and publish my APIs today. The one to get the politicians will be: "api.utreadudead.com/api/politicians/" I'll update this post when its done and let you know what parameters are required. It will be simpler than googles API and once I migrate all the data I've mined to the table it pulls from it will be more complete too.
  9. Short answer is YES. Long answer about how its done is.. Just about anything on a webpage can be mined via scraping. Basically, scraping tools just read the code from the url and looks for specific tags, Ids, and css classes and then looks for values or innerhtml within those elements. Google webcrawlers, for example, look at meta tags that use "keyword" and "description" as their identifiers. So be it visible on the page or require you to click or hover, scraping tools could care less. The hard part is trying to make it universal for every site and making it operate on its own. So I periodically have to update the script to look for additional tags for URLs that dont return any results. Meaning I need to view source and look for the tags they are using and add it my library.
  10. Update I've written the code needed to email the politicians who are sponsoring Bills and its currently being tested. Should have it out in about a week or two. I'm still sourcing politicians. After testing the api I posted before, it grabs most of them but not all of them, so I am using both my crawler and the api to make the list as complete as possible. A question I have for anyone reading this post is... To identify politicians who our sympathetic to our freedoms, do you think I should: A) look at what private sectors are sponsoring them? B) provide all the Republican politicians I can find and let the users decide? C) base it on user votes. What do you think? I'm also curious on what States you think I should point my crawler to and publish first? Thanks!
  11. Good ideas. I have wifi routers and extenders... so they dont need to be on an isp... just need power. I tested the range of everything I daisy chained together to about 300 yards (not diameter, though). There was some signal loss when having to hop from the extenders to the router to the servers but it wasn't as bad as I expected. When we ran the electric to my shop I was thinking ahead too and ran CAT5 in the trench, which is on the opposite end of my 6.5 acres. Haven't had time to pipe the CAT5 to my router yet, though. I am hoping of getting it down to one antenna and an amplifier similar to how cell phone towers work... but I need some serious amps to make it work. I actually toasted an expensive extender on my first attempt. You may be right about the DVDs. Wouldn't be a bad back up either. But my hope is to make everything accessible from a mobile device or tablet via an application I will write. If I can make it work, I can make it available to an area larger than my property. It's a work in progress. I'd be happy to swap ideas anytime.
  12. I won't provide specifics but I'm good on supplies. One thing I do have that is probably unique to most is the fact that I have private servers with data I've archived over the years such as how to make various penicillins, child development k-12, how to perform all sorts of medical procedures, where the nearest MRI machines are located and how to use them, tons of classical literature, schematics for building all types of technologies, and pretty much anything I could think of to start humanity over without being in the dark ages. I also have several wifi routers, wireless webcams, and mobile devices and portable power supplies. The idea is not only to have that info in case it's not available but to also to provide quick access to my survival version of google to anyone I deem trustworthy and useful to our mutual survival. So long as they are within range of my private wifi blanket. I've taken steps to emp proof the storage of this data. I have about 12 to 15 terabytes stored to date.
  13. Really like this idea. I have reached out to a few folks like Jared from guns and Gadgets and colion noir as my bill scanner seems like something they can use to help stay in front of the anti 2A movement. I'll keep that in mind. Glad to know we have folks here with a social media and YouTube presence.
  14. Good god. This is terrible. I pray for this man's family and friends and hope that his death will be a luminescent candle for anyone who is not awake to this gun grabbing tyrannical leftist do nothing feel good law making bull shit. I really hope his girlfriend comments and gives us her side. I'm so glad I live in a rural area inside a 2A sanctuary county... but this makes me think more about all of you who do not. Stay safe brothers and sisters.

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