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  1. Late on the information, but keep your ears to the ground about Jacksonville. There is a George Floyd protest happening today.
  2. Florida could have a riot morrow. There will be a rally in Orlando for opposition to mandated vaccines. Spread word, be alert in case we need to mobilize.
  3. I also would like to see 407 added...any news?


    1. FloridaRifleman762


      No but we can do our own thing for now.

  4. If it isn’t clear to some readers, please note that the same people who have been supporting red flag laws, CPS, Patrotic Act, et cetra, would be allowed to amend the constitution. The argument is, as quoted from the video, that: ‘It is a safe means of amending the document because the country will be watching, and will not tolerate perversion or destruction.’ But like usual, and I agree with your notion, we are just going to watch our lives be ruined without doing anything about it. I also tender the argument that it is useless to try to fix the General Government when the state governments are currently incapable of functioning as a republic.
  5. Alright Floridians, local governments say we are not allowed to be free. I oppose this ilegitament authority. Thus I think it is proper to meet up at a public place and time. Doesn’t have to be at a gun range. What ideas have we?
  6. Contact me in the discord. I would love to view your work. Perhaps we can work together on some things.
  7. >don’t insult people >ALL CAPS RAGE isn’t an argument >reason with peeps >*proceeds to insult*
  8. Would it be okay if you joined the voice chat in the mymilitia discord? I’m not telling you what is what, but I do mean to suggest that there may have been a misunderstanding.
  9. Any central Florida patriots want to meet up memorial day weekend? Regardless many towns will be doing something, plenty of patriots will be out on the occasion, so it would be a great time to recruit and make connections. So long as it is a public place, at a public time. If each one of us can get at least two people that are close at hand to us, we can be substantially more secure than if we have a squad size element that can't get to us.
  10. Very interesting to quote Patrick Henry's speech at the 2nd Virginia Convention 1775 when it is opposite to SecrurityGuy42's sentiments. But I am in agreement with it.
  11. Thank you for clarifying what you were talking about. The only point that has some validly to what I talking about is number five. And I say bollocks! Absolute bollocks! Bollocks that after all these years our same representives that have purposely done so much damage now, will then be Constitutionally literate and supportive. It makes no sense to me. What are you thinking?
  12. Dr. Larry Arnn has some misconceptions about the United States Constitution that are directly contradicting to the works of Dr. Micheal Badnarik and Dr. Edwin Vieiria Jr. that have not been challenged. Given the chance I would.
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