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  1. "Yes, I need permission to leave my house and the Constitution gives me that permission to do what would otherwise be illegal by the implications thereof. No, I am not going to quote any Article, Section, or Clause that says I need government permission to leave my house, and that the Constitutional gives me that permission. I also think that because I call myself a patriot, I am invincible from saying or doing any of the same stupid things that my political opponents do."
  2. Is laughing at your opponent the path of wise men? These people, however unskilled, are coming to kill you. They’ve killed people when they are in their vehicle, surrounded and without any means of a effective resistance. And if you do take one out, perhaps you can look to what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse as an example of what will happen to you.
  3. Nice shooting. Can you send a comparison between what you are shooting and a standard .308 round?
  4. The average American patriot need only too free their mind to see the divide and conquer happening to them. Democrat, Republican, no matter. I've never seen such un-American enthusiasm from self proclaimed "patroits". If it is a joke, its unfunny. Count me out of this.
  5. https://constitutionalmilitia.org/oxymoronic-unorganized-militia/ "Unorganized militia" by its self is a contradiction in terms and the quoted U.S. Code is unconstitutional. Paving the way for the national guard which also has no Constitutional authority/existence. Said U.S. code provides no substance to produce a logical answer to the question "Who is the militia?" As it pertains to "the Militia of the Several States". Furthermore, because powers not delegated to the General Government are reserved to the States or the weal of the people respectively, and because ther
  6. Because 'twill not be long after they finish off them that they will come after us. Take Kyle Rittenhouse or Duncan Lemp for example.
  7. Provoking patriots to get arrested by cops has never been so easy.
  8. Are there any other Floridians here going to the rally today?
  9. The situation hypothetically proposed is: A local town has a mayor. The mayor is advised of the plans for a riot in the town. The mayor has, at his disposal and authority, the ability to dissolve the riots and protect the townspeople's rights and property. The mayor does does nothing to stop riots. Instead, the mayor passes the responsibility on to other activist and community groups. The groups conduct riots in the town, destroying it with no interference from the Mayor. The mayor in his defense claims that because he wasn't the one to plan and practice the

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