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  1. There are many misunderstandings patriots have about their country and do not wish to challenge their own ideas. They get angry otherwise. We shall see what happens. americanrevolution2.org newflconstitution.org
  2. >it’s current year meme Never gets old. But yes okay. We can message the site owner and see about doing something to that effect.
  3. I would like to participate in such a conference. I’m not shy to debate, but by what means of a conference do you speak of?
  4. Likewise. We just may have to do that. Because the people be damned if ever they wanted to be free.
  5. >no argument > https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem Well said. To be fair, there is plenty of incorrect statements regarding the United States Constitution made by Bundy in the video related. So spreading false information isn't a fix either.
  6. This is true. Thank you for typing this. I don’t like having to like your stuff, but I had to like your stuff. So congrats. To the point; that is an excellent assessment you made.
  7. Well said! Let’s be sure to bump this video, it is an important topic that regards all of mymilitia.
  8. I believe you misunderstood what I stated. It’s not a term of the time, it’s the correct term. It didn’t become incorrect with age. (That is the implacations if saying “term of the time”, in other words, not correct or a term of the present. This is a Social Progressive viewpoint). It’s just as correct now as it was then. What’s incorrect is what many people think of it today. Federal Government includes the following; General Government, the State Governments, County Givernments, Local Governments, and We the People, respectively. This link may be able to explain it better and in more detail. https://constitutionalmilitia.org/general-government-vs-federal-government/ To the point, I explicitly stated that the ‘Federal’ Government was supposed to regulate the Militia of the Several States to keep them working properly. I even put the link where you can find links to the statues that are quoted using this term such as; > “An Act, for the better Regulation of the Militia.” Which comes from a 1738 regulation by the government of Virgina (colony) from the capital in Williamsburg (at the time). And there are plenty to choose from, pre-Constitutional, and post Constitution alike.
  9. >Who is regulating the militia? The respective government(s). >Why would the framers call for the regulation of the militia by the government? Because Militias are/were statutory organizations that are/were incorporated in the government, and; because the people are/were self governed, it was no different than saying “The people regulate the people’s Militia.” More can be read in the link below, along with a collection of state/colony governments “regulating” their Militias. https://constitutionalmilitia.org/well-regulated-militia/ >They didn’t (regarding government regulating a militia.) US. Const. Art. I Sect. 8 Cls. 16 ”To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;” Did we not watch the video or did we not read the Constitution? >Regulation doesn’t mean the definition; to control or supervise by means of rules and regulation. Who’s definition? Who defined the word “regulation” whilst using the word “regulation” in the definition? We can look to Noah Webster’s 1828 American English Dictionary to define the word “regulate” as: ”1. To adjust by rule, method or established mode; as, to regulate weights and measures; to regulate the assize of bread; to regulate our moral conduct by the laws of God and of society; to regulate our manners by the customary forms.“ While he wasn’t at the convention, being that Webster was a member of the Federalist Party, for a time the spokesman of it, and was very active in the debates surrounding the new mode of government, I find it hard (not impossible given the logic of the claims thus far) to argue that Noah Webster didn’t know what “regulation” meant or what a Militia was. Do we wish to cite the ‘deep text’ against Noah Webster when he was around and activity engaged in the event? There is more but I’m not going to continue. My hope is that this will inspire people to educate themselves correctly.
  10. As in a Constitutional Militia? That is, the “Militia of the Several States”. No, it’s/was not a last line of defense. Rather it was the primary and nesscary defense for a free state. The military only being used if and when it was needed, only for the duration that it was needed thereof. You can read more about it here. https://constitutionalmilitia.org/militia-what-are-they/ Legally speaking, It is against the rules to call to action or arms on this website. So if the people here were to rally and do something or post to that effect, it wouldn’t be in agreement with the site rules. There are a few good peeps here, but to the point I know how it feels. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/tu-quoque Also, may we as a collective stop quoting whole post? Particularly when said post is a wall of words. There’s no need to do that.
  11. If the patriots are by in large willing to let them do this, I wonder what else they are willing to let them do.
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