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  1. It's free so we can all get it think outside the box is 100% correct
  2. Here are 2 books that could help us after I read them I would be willing to send them out so one of our guys could read them as well once everyone has read them that wants to I would like them returned they were a gift from my boss
  3. These are the guidelines I'll be using to train my squad considering I'm 3 hours from HQ with no license
  4. This was advice given to me by an army airborne ranger
  5. I've been hunting since o was a kid up north I still havemt explored Florida woods and that would he a good class to start with
  6. Theres a company that does combat training but I believe it's in Kentucky and about 2500 not including your ammo and ticket for the trip
  7. Anyways beautiful bit of gear sir glad your on our side I've got a Lee Enfield no1 mk3 303 brit to match your 1903 Springfield
  8. That is a video of my boss and I firing off his m1 30-06 next to 5.56 huge difference
  9. M1 garand is beautiful 30-06 8 round clips was said by ever man that used it in ww2 if you get a hit they are going down 20190622_1735511.mp4
  10. Please respond to this new bill they are trying to take our rights as we deal with this epidemic
  11. Lol perfect 


  12. I also got my body armor from either ebay or amazon I forgot scorpion tactical gear level 3 comes with mag pouches med pouch and flashlight pouch I paid 135 it was at my door in 2 days

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