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  1. Good bye bud stay safe and thank you for everything dont let the world defeat you they judge us no matter what be yourself dont let some jackass take what's yours this is why you started this site I'm sure to protect our rights and country this is kinda nuts and I admit I dont know you but I'm upset about this trust is a big thing with something like this we all know you here we do not know him or anyone he will hire not saying the new man in charge is a bad person or whatnot but we dont know him in the principal of this matter I'm not sure if I will leave my account up if the man in charge is going I may go as well so I do not become a target in someones elses bodybag games
  2. It's free so we can all get it think outside the box is 100% correct
  3. Here are 2 books that could help us after I read them I would be willing to send them out so one of our guys could read them as well once everyone has read them that wants to I would like them returned they were a gift from my boss
  4. These are the guidelines I'll be using to train my squad considering I'm 3 hours from HQ with no license
  5. This was advice given to me by an army airborne ranger
  6. I've been hunting since o was a kid up north I still havemt explored Florida woods and that would he a good class to start with
  7. Theres a company that does combat training but I believe it's in Kentucky and about 2500 not including your ammo and ticket for the trip
  8. Anyways beautiful bit of gear sir glad your on our side I've got a Lee Enfield no1 mk3 303 brit to match your 1903 Springfield
  9. That is a video of my boss and I firing off his m1 30-06 next to 5.56 huge difference
  10. M1 garand is beautiful 30-06 8 round clips was said by ever man that used it in ww2 if you get a hit they are going down 20190622_1735511.mp4
  11. Please respond to this new bill they are trying to take our rights as we deal with this epidemic
  12. Lol perfect 


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