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  1. War is undesirable. Death and economic collapse are hard things to comprehend until you experience them. Only fools and politicians desire war. We need to educate others and store ammo in several caches.
  2. My concern is that many states will merely fall in under the globalist machine as administrative assistants, rather than bastions against tyranny. I do feel pretty helpless right now, not gonna lie. But if regular citizens are educated on the situation, the chances of preserving freedom increase. Remember, we are where we are because peoples' hearts are afraid and their minds are confused. And if liberty dies, it was our own damn fault if we didnt try to preserve it.
  3. Even odd calibers like 44 special are sold out. That's a civilian caliber. I think regular people are buying quite a bit. The government may be involved to some extent, but I think that it is largely citizens.
  4. Precisely. In Tennessee during the 1800's, local militiamen would accompany each constable when warrants, summoms, or patrols were being conducted. Imagine how accountability would increase, as well as the increased ability to respond to active shooters. When I run for governor in 7 years, I will be pushing this.
  5. I do not plan on acting outside of the states military chain of command. We are here to compliment them. And eventually we want to officially become a part of that system. It will require an act of the state's congress. And the people will have a protected means by which to protect their constitution from all threats, separate from the Army mechanism and in conjunction with Law enforcement. I will strongly encourage our members that we would only join the state military forces if we were placed on equal ground next to the National Guard. Because if we are made official and then swept under the rug like the State Guard, this was all a waste of time.
  6. I was in the state Guard for two years. It is the one armed conjoined twin of the National guard. The men were great, but it was very disorganized. The State Guardsmen do not elect their own officers. They are picked from the college educated and prior service. It will never be of much use unless it is separated and placed on equal footing next to the National Guard, under the Adjucent general. We requested a lot of additional training and equipment, but the National Guard Major General saw us as competition and kept his thumb on us. And the Tennessee Adjucent General viewed us as more of an accessory. Which is what we were. The reason why is simple: the State Guard is an army reserve for the state. With the National Guard already fulfilling the active role of army reserve, they simply will not ever use the State Guard until Jesus returns. And by then, it will be too late and the State unit will silently fade into the night like a old mans puny fart. As for the shells, I plan on explaining why the 2nd amendment covers them and why only allowing the federally owned Army National Guard to own any serious equipment is a mistake. We used to be more capable until people decided that standing armies were all we needed. Cannons are completely legal to own. I have included a screenshot of one that you can purchase. I'm fairly certain that the militia at concord was a local militia, not a state militia. I could be wrong. Tennessee has historically accepted volunteer forces, separate from the state forces. And regarding the odds that the state will resist accepting a true militia into the ranks to serve next to its standing army(National Guard) and army reserve component(State Guard), I expect as much. Because the standing army mindset requires that no competition be allowed to occupy its space. As we haven't had a real militia serve us since the creation of the Guard(s), the uneducated and ignorant congressmen and generals will have to join me on a magical carpet journey back to the past, where I will explain the historical differences between apples(the army) and oranges(the militia). The army is equipped by the government, and the militia is self equipped. To say that the Guards that we have today are both army and militia simultaneously is a dangerous form of verbicide. The Guards are army units, that's why they are completely identical in function to the Federal Army. If we continue to accept this mindset, then we will interpret the constitution in any way that suits the moment and we are lost as a nation to the chaos of eternity. Boundaries preserve stability. I'm half out of it, but I feel that I've explained things fairly well. Our JAG unit explained the technicalities to me and I'm relaying what I know to you.
  7. Artillery was a component of the civilian militia at the formation of our nation. Concord was a fight over a civilian artillery piece. You can buy a cannon with no issue. But since 1900, shells have been federally regulated and priced beyond the common mans wallet. I want this process simplified for a militia and the best path forward is to get military department support from the state government. It's a right. And a militia with direct and indirect combat capabilities will have an easier time taking, holding, and softening targets more effectively. Again, this is down the road. But it's the end goal.
  8. Thank you. The goal is for our militia to eventually possess both infantry and artillery capabilities like the traditional militia at the formation of our state of Tennessee. I believe that military department support would allow for a simpler process for citizens to acquire and retain modern fighting equipment. But I'm fine with starting small. Infantry is good enough for now. We have a good range, that we use, but some land for tactics development would be fantastic.
  9. Hello. My name is Chris. I have founded the Tennessee State Citizens Militia and am reaching out to boost participation. Our primary focus is on legal matters, marksmanship, emergency medical techniques, and natrual disaster response. The goal is to secure sponsorship by individual counties and to eventually secure military department recognition/support. I want this organization to become a functional branch of our state military reserves, and a true militia while filling that role. Our current counties of influence are in Bedford and Coffee counties, but our numbers are very low. Let me know what you think.
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