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  1. Friend of mine who drives a truck for Kroger in Indiana was given this document today by his boss that was sent out by Kroger's Central Division President (attachment added). He was told that as of Monday he is required to carry this document at all times while driving. I'm assuming Travel bans to start taking place soon if not full shut downs. The document Includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Stay Frosty Folks.
  2. ?Governor of California has ordered the closure of bars, nightclubs and wineries. Encourages seniors home isolation and social distancing (talks about framework of matial law - says "it is not a necessity at this moment" talks of martial law were brought up several times in live feed https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1239291671939919872?s=20 Illinois governor has ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants. Ohio governor announces closure of all bars, Dine-in restaurants. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Sunday afternoon that he has ordered the closure of all casinos, racetracks and simulcast facilities indefinitely as the number of coronavirus cases in the state has reached 31. The D.C. Department of Health attempted to clarify its stance Sunday on what actions restaurants, taverns, nightclubs and multipurpose facilities must take to comply with rules to prohibit mass gatherings. The notice explained: No more than 250 people may be present at the same time Bar seating is suspended Standing patrons will not be served Individual tables may not seat more than six people Occupied tables and booths must be separated by at least six feet Venues licensed explicitly as nightclubs must suspend operations to comply with the rules. Expecting more states to follow suit in the coming days and weeks.
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