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  1. Copy and send to YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES.
    October 4, 2020 @ 4:05 PM EST
    **** Title ****
    Social media and use by government and business offices for support and contact.
    **** Message ****
    I sent this to the contact system of the White House and sending my representatives a copy.
    A CLAUSE that forbids any of them to remove or suspend ANY MEMBER FROM USING THAT SERVICE IF THERE ARE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND/OR Business support areas on them.
    Twitter blocks us, Facebook ' disabled and removed ' us, Pinterest removed us, Instagram ( another Facebook product ) also ... These are POLITICAL ATTACKS ON WE, The People !!
    Those ' social media sites ' are providing a service to the community by having government and business support sites... they must not hinder our actions to connect to our representatives, our government offices and business support sites.
    PLEASE make this change immediately... We, The People, Must be heard... this is not ISLAM or COMMUNIST CHINA.
    Thank you for your service, SIR !
    Wishing you and your family and friends a speedy recovery from the Communist China Virus and the attacks by the communist, islamic and terrorist supporters of the democrat party.
    ( put YOUR NAME here <G> )
  2. Here is my Id from 2013... been broke as heck since so I have not been able to pay for membership in the NRA, OAthKeeperss or GOA while on SSD
  3. I sent you an Email from my Yahoo account. I also did a ' CC ( carbon Copy ) ' to my backup email accounts so you can add all of them ' in case ' Here is a copy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject : Other areas you may be interested in From : Robert Gamble <[email protected]> To:Robert Gamble ( [email protected] ),Robert Gamble ( [email protected] ),[email protected] Sat, Sep 12 at 10:20 AM It is always nice to meet another patriot. I seen you joined my ( our ) little area on ' MyMilitia '. My background is in Electronics, Automated Test and Control Systems, Networking and Server Administration, Communications ( routers, modems, AT&T Definity phone ' switch ' and Audix Voice ) and I ended that part of my career as an IT Analyst ( I worked for 3 companies at the same location... Essex Group, United Technologies Automotive and ending with Lear Corporation in Zanesville, Ohio )... that is why I am usually the one creating the groups and pages and I also created a personal web server on a laptop I carry back and forth from Florida to Ohio called ' United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition ' ( http://iii.thruhere.net ) that I haul back and forth and was a common location for files and configurations and news while we were centered on Fakebook as our ' home ' at the time. United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition I was tasked by my first CO in the Minutemen of Florida to build groups in every county of the state after I joined and was ' vetted '... and as that assignment was completed was asked to do Ohio's ( since I had just moved from there and traveled back and forth for my doctors ) and then told to go ahead and do the rest of the country... it took me a little over 7 months ( with constant warnings from fakebook to ' slow down using a feature ' ) until I had built the entire basic structure for the country... a Minutemen group in every county, a group and page for every state and finally a national group and page so everyone could communicate between the different areas. There were also 5 ' management groups ' for each state and a supposedly cross country intelligence group we called ' Homeland Admins ' that every admin was to be put into so they all could pass information thru their own channel so they could quickly respond to events along with some assorted support groups for basic support, reloading and Radio... even a set of groups called Minutemen Emergency Reaction Teams - MERT that have worked with the Cayjun Navy. That all was butchered on August 19 at about 4:30 PM EST according to my 4 different tabs I had opened that went back to a login screen and I could not login at all... this was not a suspension like I had gotten used to, this was a dead account now. Friends I could contact told me the groups and pages were still working at that time but by the next day, all those were dead and could not be found by anybody... along with accounts using our names and everything we had anywhere that we created. We still have the spread sheets with all the fakebook URLs, a page for every state, a front page with a quick list of all the state groups and some reference material and extra groups for support, etc and a few other pages that have been created with CHIRP HAM radio programs, a page for our ' alternate social media sites '... anything with a fakebook prefixed in the URL are gone so it is basically a skeleton that can be used to start placing all of our new areas we have been making to keep communications flowing as we spread our ' presence ' to other sites... we had started to work on alternate areas years before fakebook killed off our groups and pages but now it was a task that needed more dedication to it as we try to rebuild. We are not configured on the web as a hard core, have to be at every meeting with a demand for a certain uniform and certain list of equipment and pay thru the nose to be associated with us group... just the normal poor person needs to meet other poor people in our areas IF AND WHEN SHTF. We are a place for other members to meet like minded people in their areas ( and other places )... and we do not care if you belong to other groups either... you just have to be true ( basically ) to our Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights ( the Amendments )... and we know that some of the ' laws ' that have been shoved down our throats in some places are not true to the origin as put forth by the ' founding Fathers ' of our country ( ' Shall not be infringed ' is one of those Amendments that have been relentlessly attacked ) BTW... my web server started out to be a ' phone tree ' for a III% group in Florida that dissolved... I kept the name. Here is the list of locations we are using now... on my web server. United States Minutemen - Social Media Sites United States Minutemen - Social Media Sites Listings of alternate social media sites of the United States Minutemen
  4. We must have multiple ways to communicate to The People... these latest events prove that even more, especially facebook... that was a POLITICAL HIT and hopefully they pay a serious fine for their actions.
  5. We seen the writing on the wall a few years ago when we started getting 30 day suspensions about every 30 days or less ( 2 days after returning for something 4 months earlier ) so our groups have been making alternate communication presence on the alternate social media sites. Here are a few we have tested out... GAB is a pay site so it will not make the list. If we can not at least use it in a free mode, we'll pass it up since we have a lot of people on SSD or retired that still help during SHTF situations for some type of support. http://iii.thruhere.net/Social-Media-Sites/united_states_minutemen.html
  6. Twatter suspended my account months ago... but I can still read posts on it. Fakebook ' disabled my account on August 19 at about 4:30 PM EST and hit all the other admins up... by the next day, groups and pages were taken down... they destroyed almost 4000 groups and pages of the US Minutemen. I figured Instagram would be removing accounts since it is own by Fakebook... but Pinterest just took our United States Minutemen area off today. I closed Pinterest account and Instagram accounts a little while ago... you have to search for the remove/delete account but they have a disable. I'm done with their liberal loonie crap. This was a political hit... conservative accounts and trump groups were targeted... My girlfriend was just a position holder and never got warned or in any trouble and they removed her from Facebook... she does crafts and never posts or manages the groups or pages.
  7. Twatter suspended my account months ago, Facebook ' disabled my account and then removed almost 4000 groups and pages just in the United States Minutemen structure.. not counting all the other groups and pages and members that lost everything by that terrorist act against the conservatives that would be voting for Donald Trump. Instagram is owned and operated by Facebook... I was expecting to see hits on that platform... maybe Facebook just hasn't made it there yet. PINTEREST ? Really ? I just share youtube crap on there and don't even add anything to it. ------------------------------------------- September 10, 2020 I went to share an article on Pinterest and our United States Minutemen board was removed... I PERMANENTLY LEFT PINTEREST. I also went to Instagram and PERMANENTLY REMOVED MY ACCOUNT OVER THERE TOO... ( and you have to hunt like hell to get to the permanent delete routine ) FAKEBOOK OWNED INTERESTS ARE NOT GETTING ANYTHING FROM ME.
  8. It looks like you must be a PAYING MEMBER OF GAB to build groups on there and this SSD just does not pay the bills let along give me enough to support all the other sites ( I've paid for every cent for my own laptop and the DynDNS account and the fastest internet speed I can get for our United States Minutemen web presence ) I've tried a couple of times to create groups on GAB... and it does not tell you that you must pay but lets you fill in everything and then at the end where all that is completed... THE CReATE GROUP BUTTON DOES NOTHING !! THAT IS WHY GAB IS NOT ON MY LIST OF SITES. http://iii.thruhere.net/Social-Media-Sites/united_states_minutemen.html
  9. Nothing is wrong with MeWe... that is why it is ony the top of our list and also our new home in the social media system at this time. ALL PATRIOTS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN SO THEY MAY FIND LIKE MINDED LOCAL MEMBERS IN THEIR AREAS. ( No members of the terrorist tribes of islam or brain washed liberal loonies... if we detect those members of the domestic terrorist regimes, we have a place to put them and their profiles so other like minded Patriots organizations can see... it is called .. TROLL BLACK LIST !!! and we decided to build a journal type file as we and our members place them in the normal comment area. we also put them at the top of the journal entry and re-save it with the current date-time placed on the end so we keep a history of our actions and it keeps the post from egtting lost over time.
  10. <G>.. I already posted that ! ... I was suspended from Twatter months before FAKEBOOK ' disabled ' my account... and INSTAGRAM is owned by FAKEBOOK. I will not even attempt a click on FAKEBOOK links or share them... and will only share a TWATTER link if I can not get the original source link( I can at least still see articles on Twatter. FAKEBOOK in their censorship act of liberal loonie terrorist supporting madness DESTROYED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY created by many different businesses, groups and families. Our United States Minutemen structure on that FAKEBOOK hellhole took over 7 months just to create and document the initial structure and has had continued improvements and information added to it since December of 2013 when I started building the entire state of Florida's county groups and pages. ( my new State CO asked me if I would build them... my first assignment after joining that group when I moved from Ohio to Florida and started meeting local people. ) I was then asked to build Ohio's structure then Alabama and then told to just continue building all the other groups and pages for the entire country... I completed that mission / task near the end of July 2014 ) When we completed the initial build of the United States Minutemen groups and pages for the country, we had close to 4000 groups and pages when you put the management and support groups included with all the counties, state and national groups and pages. FAKEBOOK DESTROYED ALL THAT LABOR IN A FEW MINUTES ON AUGUST 19, 2020 at approximately 4:30 PM EST... along with hundreds of thousands of members lives when they also destroyed all their pictures, files and memories of loved ones while they isolated those members from their families, friends and loved ones AND ALL THE DIFFERENT COMPANY SUPPORT GROUPS AND PAGES AND GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS.. including all of the contact locations of every government representative. WE CONSIDER THAT AN ACT OF TERRORISM BY THE SUPPORTERS OF THE DEMOCRATS, COMMUNIST CHINA, THE TERRORIST TRIBES OF ISLAM AND THE UNITED NATIONS... ALL INTENT ON THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE LAST BASTION OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA ! THIS DESTRUCTION was a planned POLITICAL HIT JOB THAT ALSO DESTROYED THOUSANDS OF TRUMP SUPPORT GROUPS AND ALSO OF ANY OTHER CONSERVATIVE REPRESENTATIVE.
  11. Here are some of the ' better ' social media sites that we at the United States Minutemen started a and have increased our presences at ... http://iii.thruhere.net/Social-Media-Sites/united_states_minutemen.html I continue to keep looking and creating places so other like minded Patriots can find local members in their areas... MeWe is our new ' home ' and is one of the best acting sites I have found and after using it for awhile, I prefer it's format over the others at this time. I prefer MeWe because it seems to resolve the links better and faster than the others, it has a folder system in the file area to separate topics and a real decent chat system that can be configured as ' encrypted ' if the need arises. It also is one of the few that takes direct copy and paste of graphics into the comment / article areas too. I have to download or copy the graphics from some and save it locally and then upload the graphics on many so it takes a lot more effort and time to pass a message to those sites and if I am busy, I often skip posting on those sites. Graphics is one of the best ways to pass information around quickly and in a format most people and sites recognize. It is also one of the hardest for automated fact checking programs to pick out... and as the saying goes ' a picture is worth a thousand words '... but in this technology age, it is also one of the ways they manipulate to feed you false information if you are not careful. I also try to contact the owners / support / admins of the alternate sites and try to give them some ideas on improvements. A few of the sites have their admin ID's on their member connected list so you can send them messages about issues. I prefer a site that resolves the link to an article fast, can take direct copy and paste of graphics and has a folder type file system for groups so we can put information in topic areas.
  12. Check these social media sites out... http://iii.thruhere.net/Social-Media-Sites/united_states_minutemen.html the one at the bottom right now is the latest we were configuring when they started to have database issues and dropping connections... It looks like I'll have to go back to it and setup the group again... time will tell. ( ' WIMKIN United States Minutemen - https://wimkin.com/UnitedStatesMinutemen ' ) has been having some problems the last few days... somebody hacked their system is what I seen on their site but there are many reasons a database can get corrupted and it is fairly hard to actually tell if a system was hacked unless you have really good logging of it and the routers to verify.
  13. Since the United States Minutemen groups and pages have been removed from FAKEBOOK... along with thousands of Patriots all across the country, We have decided to call MeWe our ' new home ' at this time and are building groups on different subject matter and State and county groups on there.

    We are also expanding to other social media sites as time allows us... here is a link to the most common sites we have created.


    I try to get the admins of the sites to use copy and paste for graphics and really prefer a file system for documents like the spread sheets we use to document where like minded Patriots can find people in their areas. MeWe has those features and their file system also has a folder option to help organize our clutter<G>

    Come join us if you want... no costs just a bunch of Patriots coming together for news and information... hopefully you can find others in your areas to meet personally... that is part of the mission we are on right now, WAKING UP THE PATRIOTS IN OUR COUNTRY.

    I am disabled so you will not see me walking around at any of the riots going on by the terrorist tribes of islam and the idiots called BLM ( created by CAIR.. a MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST ORGANIZATION) and ANTIFA ( Supported by the islamic controlled globalist banker create UNITED NATIONS )... if any conflicts do happen, just put me on one of the highest points in the area with a decent scope on a decent rifle and plenty of ammunition<G>

    Keep the fires burning, Patriots !!!!!

  14. I gave Oath Keepers, NRA and and GOA my dues back in 2013 is the last time but have been a little tight on cash since I am on SSD now... barely able to survive on that<G>. Our group on Fakebook was called United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition... ( http://iii.thruhere.net/ ) is my laptop web server we used as a common place to update everybody... we had almost 4000 groups and pages before fakebook ' disabled ' and removed all the admins on August 19, 2020 at about 4:40 PM EST and then they destroyed all of our files, rally points in every county that was actually working,prepping, reloading, radios, etc... dirty [email protected] ! I have no idea why all these characters turned red after I pasted the link... It took me over 7 months creating and documenting all those groups in every county of every state... that is why I figured out what I need to make my windows PC run a web server and all the programs for doing it are included in the operating system since about windows 3.1<G>
  15. A suggestion for admins especially... start a running wordpad set of notes for a journal... I use a name ( ' internet-notes ' ) + date for my journal names and when it gets too large, I place the name at the top ( I also put TAGS in the area below the file names so I can remember them )... makes it real handy to copy and paste as you are working and you have a way of looking back at things too.. cheap, little space and memory and I've got years of my different posts to reference when I need it. Just a little FYI from an old BBS, Network Engineer/IT Analyst<G>
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