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    GOD has left me here for some reason.
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    82nd Airborne Artillery 1977, Electronic Engineer, Test and Control system Engineer, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator for HP-UX, Windows Network and WEB Servers, Novell Servers, IT Analyst, AT&T Definity and Audix communication systems and Cisco ro
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  1. I am one of a few 'National admins' for the nearly 4000 groups and pages of Minutemen on Facebook and other social media sites. Right now I prefer to post on MeWe.com and use trashbook as a news source. We still keep our presence there and will continue to unless removed by their censors. You can use this link.. mewe.com/i/robertgamble
  2. Nice seeing the forums still working. I help admin for the Minutemen in many of the social media sites ( though in facebook I spend about half my time suspended anymore... I hang on MeWe more often now ).
  3. Nice seeing the forums still working. I help admin for the Minutemen in many of the social media sites ( though in facebook I spend about half my time suspended anymore... I hang on MeWe more often now ).
  4. 82nd Airborne Artillery 1977. Disabled. Embedded in the grill of a Ford F150 4x4(45mph) in 1985. IT Analyst, Network and Controls systems.

  5. Robert Gamble submitted a new link: Minutemen-United States Minutemen We have nearly 3500 groups and pages on Facebook... I am a national admin.The website is our 'common area' on facebook - Here is the facebook link : United States Minutemen https://www.facebook.com/groups/532780573504515/
  6. Nice site from what I have seen so far. I admin at the national level for the United States Minutemen groups on Facebook. I use a personal web server ( another laptop ) to centralize some features, with nearly 3500 groups and pages it can get to be a hand full at times. Here is the link to our web server.. http://iii.thruhere.net Here is the link to our web format groups.. http://iii.thruhere.net/groups/American-Patriots-Coalition.htm Here is the page on Facebook .. https://www.facebook.com/United-States-Minutemen-388150207990991/ Here is the group link .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/532780573504515/ If you notice, the web server has a 3 percent name... it started out as an idea for a phone tree but that group split up.. I re-purposed the machine to help with our Minutemen groups and pages as a central depository and try to keep as much 'text based' as possible for speed. There is a few files.on the server with massive lists to groups, especially on Facebook. We have a group in every county of every state and territory and a few state administrative groups. We also have a few 'area' groups for recruiting... and a few groups for support, reloading and radio. We also have a group and page for 'liaisons' from other groups as many people are also in the 3Percenters, Oathkeepers, Watchmen and other groups. Page - III%-Minutemen the American Patriots Coalition https://www.facebook.com/AmericanPatriotsCoalition/ Group - III%-Minutemen the American Patriots Coalition https://www.facebook.com/groups/426441320792672/ I'll try to check in as I can. You can find me as Rfgamble on most systems other than Google ( they lost my original email address when they went live ) I have to use Robert.Gamble0@gmail.com

Who we are

We are a community of concerned patriots who are not overly confident in the current direction of our society, from the wild political climate to what can be summed up as a lack of morals or a complete void of integrity and pretty much a blatant disregard of respect..... Respect for our past, respect for our future and respect for each other. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place. This website is to unite people like us, people who want to make a difference ... and do it the right way, Little did we know that in doing so we would create the number one militia community online. Here we are. Enjoy.


We require all members to think before they post. We understand the issues raised on this site may lead to heated debate, but we still require all users to maintain a respectful environment. My Militia website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of anyone's comments and will bear no responsibility or legal liability for any discussion postings. We reserve the right to remove posts without notice, and the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the rules. All content is posted live with no moderation. If you see something that you think shouldn't be here please report it so we can handle it accordingly. Always respect the privacy of others if something is shared with you in a private fashion such as real names, emails or phone numbers. Please keep them private.
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