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  1. Hello Peter, welcome!  would like to chat soon.  Thanks!

  2. I have reached out to this unit yesterday but no response. I will await for contact.
  3. I am currently in VA but I am trying to relocate to San Antonio area! I am partially trained and strong. I'm 26 almost 27! I am looking for a militia to join in ranks in San Antonio area! I work well with a TEAM. I love to help & protect others!
  4. I am currently in Norfolk area. Looking for militia to join. I am 26 almost 27. I take pride in helping others and protecting others! Love working as a TEAM to get the job done!
  5. If you're still looking for an XO I'm up for the position but I am in VA right now. I have a current situation I'm trying to deal with in San Antonio. Only issue is no place I can stay at!

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