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  1. mind if i post some videos on small unit tactics, and where is the best place to post them?
  2. Well, Hello everyone hope everyone is doing good and has got some food a stuff put back!,My name is Jack,i live in Gary WV, i've lived in south WV for over 20 in all,I have not been in the Military but-at one point wanted to join the Marines corps,and go though Army Ranger training , and then join the Marine sp Elite task force group,but i didn't have my GED at the time.I have study all Branch's of the Military for years and years,and have detailed books on and from Sp forces from all over the world,i know how to fight and when to fight-if you know what i mean.i have shot and used the AR-15 rifle and many others.
  3. Yes it's airborn has been since day one-it's a Bioweapon 100% proven -they took SARS and made it into a Bioweapon, It has 4 spots where they put HIV in it, death rate is around 15% on AV ( in China anyway) R not is 4.-7., 20-30% who get it Will need ICU treatment! if they can't get in a ICU the death rate goes to 20-25%, With just the Flu, death rate is only .1%, R not is only 1.5%. so Yes this is NOT THE FLU!!
  4. Hey bud,hope your doing well,McDowell,Co,here .

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