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  1. Eye opening video. This further shows the left will stop at nothing to advance their delusional agenda! Shameful!!
  2. Kat, you have your hands full keeping track of all this, thank you for all of your efforts!
  3. I added the website to my browser, should come in very handy! Thanks, Guy!
  4. First of all, our nicks,user or call signs, are unique and personal and that is what separates the Patriots from the sheep. I am a 56 year old, heavy "metal" music rocker and collect the "gear" associated with that.
  5. The US House needs to have a turnover like this and the Senate needs to bolster their numbers to the conservative/pro-Freedom and Liberty side!
  6. Shurrie, I most definitely will be there!
  7. Z, come up here to Hutch anyway, if you can. We can all use the networking, need to add members. Shurrie, wouldn't you aree?
  8. Meanwhile, back at the functioning household of the Smiths, father was working two jobs just to pay mortgage and taxes on the home, plus the other bills, beer flu hit and he lost one of those but the one job he did have left, cut his hours due to a downturn in sales. Mom had to quit her job to stay home and play school teacher to Johnny and Suzie via the internet which costs 100$ a month. Father can't afford to buy beer, let alone pot and smokes. California is concerned with social justice?! The powers that be out there are morally bankrupt! Damn!!
  9. Good to hear from you Rick! You have a leader star under your avatar, in what capacity and where do you lead? Ideological Gambler is the commander of the KAP, under which umbrella the 785 and 620 is formed. I am trying to get the layout of this, thanks.
  10. I am reaching out to the Patriots in the 620 group. Who is active? Another question, who is the team lead for the 620? With things the way they are and are going to get, WE need to get something going, wouldn't you all agree?
  11. I am not a creator as such, twas a thought. Your "captured territory' idea, YP, would have more of a gut impact on adversaries for sure!
  12. The Gadsden flag of course. Each "unit" has their own G flag with their call number(s) and regiment or however it is done. My .02!

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