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  1. Eye opening video. This further shows the left will stop at nothing to advance their delusional agenda! Shameful!!
  2. Kat, you have your hands full keeping track of all this, thank you for all of your efforts!
  3. I added the website to my browser, should come in very handy! Thanks, Guy!
  4. First of all, our nicks,user or call signs, are unique and personal and that is what separates the Patriots from the sheep. I am a 56 year old, heavy "metal" music rocker and collect the "gear" associated with that.
  5. Nice vid Z, glad you were able to go out and exercise your go finger and equipment!
  6. Fortuitous that you started this thread. I went to the Cheney range today, took my new M&P out for some practice. It went ok, I could tell I haven't been to the range since last fall. I put 90 rounds downrange at three different targets. Manage to put most of the shots in about a 12", loose group at 100yds with an Mbus front sight and the stock post front. Next move, optics!
  7. The US House needs to have a turnover like this and the Senate needs to bolster their numbers to the conservative/pro-Freedom and Liberty side!
  8. By all means edit if you want Gambler. Like I said, I am not a pro, WE want to be correct and on point.
  9. Thanks Z, the things you mentioned, age, perspective and training is pretty much uniform in any undertaking. In my humble opinion, it is the structure, wisdom and insight brought by leadership that makes the undertaking a success. Whether it is running a BBQ trailer or a multi-billion dollar company. You are right, it will take time. Anything worthwhile, worth doing right and not slipshod takes time and perseverance.
  10. You betcha'. Covers everything as far as I can see but I am not a pro. Thoughts?
  11. I'll give it a go: WE the KAP are a network of Kansas Patriots united by a common purpose, to promote, support and defend the Constitutions of the State of Kansas and the United States of America. The units of KAP will train, communicate and engage with the citizens and law enforcement agencies of Kansas. WE will provide a last line of defense from invaders, both foreign and domestic and aid during events of natural disaster. May God guide and direct us in our noble mission.
  12. Kansas native, rural Kansas. Grew up around a family farm. Learned to operate, troubleshoot and repair a multitude of mechanical conveyance platforms. Did a stint in the Army w/MOS of light-wheel-vehicle-mechanic. I have a degree in Electronics engineering, be it relatively old school, graduated college in '86. Am a registered and annually re-certified first-aid medic. There is more but to be brief..
  13. Shurrie, I most definitely will be there!

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