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  1. High and dry near Malfunction Junction. All is well. Stay vigilant!
  2. On the lookout near Malfunction Junction. Always vigilant. Stay safe.
  3. Jacklegg--get together would be nice but not motivated to start a unit. Old age and other obligations interfere. Dan Blake
  4. High and now dry in the Midlands near the 26 and 20 junction (affectionately referred to as Malfunction Junction)! On the lookout.
  5. Wet and windy at Malfunction Junction. Always vigilant.
  6. Time to impeach the elected representatives that don't uphold the Constitution as they swore to do! Taking gun rights is a violation of that oath. Stay vigilant.
  7. Malfunction Junction flowing as usual! All safe at this end.
  8. North East Columbia checking in. Available for support work.
  9. scbrowser


  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Columbia, South Carolina.

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