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  1. I Visiter from the Past I'm located in Smyrna, GA. Shoot Straight, no PT for me lol Ex. Grunt @ 1st / 509th Airborne and 82nd @ 2nd Brigade.
  2. I'm a wee bit older and have some health problem's so PT is out. YES, I can still hit what I aim at! In Smyrna, GA. Keep Up the Good Work ! I am so tired of these leftest, the way they use these double standards and media against Patriotic American's !
  3. It matters NOT if you're from and by that I mean raised in the city or country. What does matter is your understanding not only of the history of Our America and what sacrifices have been made to establish Our way of life, but you must also understand the sacrifices the men and women have already made with not only their limbs but their Lives as well. R.I.P Brothers & Sisters. Most citizens today know that things are wrong in this country. We The People have realized that tyranny has laid its grasp upon the people and the laws of the land and it has corrupted the entire landscape across our nation. We The People have learned these things slowly over the years as the evidence has become more and more prevalent. As We The People learn of the treacherous deeds of our government, and the corporate degenerates they have chosen to serve, We The People have become angry and We The People seek to support the defense of our country in one way or another. We The People now find ourselves looking at a government that has nearly the ultimate control over the people, they have SOME of us so fearful of reprisal that they cower down at the mere raise of a fist. If We The People keep submitting to their tyrannical systems of slowly gaining control of our lives piece by piece, to the point that one day We The People will wake up and we will not have a single freedom left. ALL THE LIVES OUR SOLDIERS WILL HAVE BEEN IN VAIN! Remember when you think of Veterans as: -------------- About me: I was raised in both the city until 8 years old and then the country. I have had a weapon since I was 9 started out with a .22 cal. then the 12 gauge, Learned how to hunt and live off the land. Later I wanted to be a Paratrooper thus I joined the US Army, Stationed @ Ft. Bragg 1/325 Inf. ABN then overseas to 1/509 ABN. So yea I know how to shoot just about anything. My civilian time I have spent a few years with Overpasses For America to help Light the Fire under people's donkey/s to WAKE UP! Currently I am once again a homeless Veteran. (so don't try to sell me anything) lol ( I am just too Adventurous and want to see America and thanks to these Crooks in office I have a hard time finding work. ) Be that as it may I LOVE LIFE and AMERICA and I AM AN OATHKEEPER!

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