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  1. Me too. depending on your stance on how to do that will determine the response this site will give. I found that a lot of people in here are going to do what the government says to do, and don't seem to want to form up. Lets hope im wrong.
  2. The Fatalist

    The Fatalist

  3. anyone tracking what's going on with the fed?

  4. Do the leaders of government, at any level, have the right to tell us we cannot assemble in large groups?

    Does an executive order every really override the rights of people under the guise of government protection?

    Do we automatically accept this sort of tyranny when "our guy" is the one in office?

    Our rulers can present any boogie man at any time. 

    Then, after they scare everyone through media, we demand a loss of liberty for false government safety.

    It seems as if they have this down to a science and can predict our reactions as easy as reading a street sign. 


    Does anyone else  in north Texas want to respond?

  5. Arlington Tx, Have gear and land. looking to train and form local unit. I'm not ex-military but can operate and maintain my weapons. my hunting property is remote and a good meeting/training ground. would love to have a local well regulated crew of minute men. I also am home with my kids during the day and have the time to help organize a group. Here's to dangerous freedom! Cheers!
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