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  1. Yeah you're out there in the middle of that zone. someone will vet you in for Texas and assign a zone forum.
  2. y'all hang tight for the threepers, they are completely covered up. My vetting took 3 weeks. I don't think they were prepared for such an influx of people looking to organize. just keep in touch on the forum for now and meet up with your local guys in your zone.
  3. If only folks could form up 10,000 deep in any given city, no gun laws would matter. A force that size could dominate an area and resist tyranny with ease. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone muster more than a few guys at the range so far. We got 100 million gun owners and no fight in any of us. That line in the sand looks like its out past the breaker.
  4. ive been looking into the 3%ers . the national page has a good social media site, a complete set of by-laws, and a ton of digital resources to use. they appear to have some actual vetting in place tho they are back logged due to immense up-tic in inquiries. they also offer a lot more organizational capabilities than anything I've seen yet from this site. 3pers don't seem to push an actual top down command structure, but have local level leadership and comms for meetups, as well as state and national meetings. im waiting to see if i can get my foot in the door to maybe get a fire team together in my area. it seems to be the only game in the country with any real effectiveness in getting us all together.
  5. What do you suppose would happen if i just set up a fold out table and sat there with a big sign that said "militia - join here"? I mean, they closed all the places people used to get together and talk about the world together, bars, concerts, barber shop waiting areas, etc. the founders had meetings in church and pubs to discuss what to do about the crown and his redcoats. they literally planned their war in the very places we are now forbidden. these online forums are too public to discuss what "really" needs to happen and how to go about our own defense from redcoats enforcing the kings law. most info deemed too dangerous is simply removed from the internet. they let us see exactly what they want us to see. when we come together to socialize with friends of the same ilk, we usually begin to have these intense discussions. so they are removing them and forcing us to bind our mouths as some kind of sick symbol of silence. so i guess all i got left that i can do is literally sit next to a busy street at a table and see who has the stones to come talk and maybe exchange info in order to meet up out of public to start the well regulated part of our existence. or maybe ill just be ridiculed and arrested for inciting violence. either way getting "our" people together using social media doesn't seem to be working at all. we need to start having speakeasy pubs and secret church meetings again.
  6. this is just practice for the new mark of the beast vaccine. soon you will have to be certified immune by shot of god only knows what.
  7. awesome thanks! its too short notice for me today but ill see about getting on a mailing list. im not on facebook anymore either. gotta go old school internet comms.
  8. where and when is the next 3% meet up?
  9. I see quite a few new names in the 214. its long past time to meet others face to face. y'all took the first step and found a forum on which to be contacted. Well, im reaching out. If we wait till the food starts getting scarce, its going to be a lot harder to rationally plan for the worst. stand and be counted or stay seated and be enslaved. we all have more to loose if we're silent.
  10. So.... It looks like people on both sides of the tribal two party system are all in on the masks and the covid media scare. After all they have scrubbed from the internet showing how much of a hoax this all is, folks are just eating up the fear porn and bowing down. (literally). Where are the free people? where are the fighters? are we really just going lay down and accept our new world? all of this going on over independence day. what a damn joke. 100 million gun owners 99.9% of em are fuds under hypnosis from the news. where we at militia?
  11. been trying to get at least a few guys together for 3 months now. no luck... we had a good group going on discord before they nuked us by labeling it a "right wing hate group". I don't think anyone is going to get serious about freedom until they are starving and locked out of society for non-compliance. by then its too late to organize. We don't have the funding of the globalist behind us and we have no secure comms. This site is unfortunately slow, unsecured, and hard to navigate. We're selling our house in arlington and moving a considerable distance outside the metro before the impending fall of the system. I hope any of you in here are prepared for this and wish we could have formed an effective resistance, but its not looking very promising at the moment. I see so much obedience to government and media on both sides. if you are watching T.V. listening to talk radio and addicted to social media, they have you right where they want you. I really hope im wrong in this assessment, and some kind of mass awakening is still possible very soon.
  12. Me too. depending on your stance on how to do that will determine the response this site will give. I found that a lot of people in here are going to do what the government says to do, and don't seem to want to form up. Lets hope im wrong.
  13. The Fatalist

    The Fatalist

  14. anyone tracking what's going on with the fed?

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