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  1. Im here to support the cause for our people. Im a veteran and ready to serve 

  2. I’m definitely interested. Please send me the requirements or direct me to where their posted.
  3. No military or LE experience. I have a carry permit. And looking for a group that trains and like minded instead of internet warriors. And friends and family with an action plans for a variety of situations or working on them at least.
  4. Good deal. That’s what I’ve been looking for is an active group. I’ve got my fam and a couple buddies but an organized connected group is what I’m looking for. Haven’t found it. Not 100% sure this is it either but I’ll give it a shot.
  5. Is this the correct spot for Knoxville?
  6. New to this and still trying to get a grasp on the site and how it works. It’s a touch confusing. Located in Knoxville. Down for whatever just let me know.
  7. James-(Zeno)


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